By Cyrus Leone


The time between Enoch’s departure and the start, the first day, of the Flood is 531 years according to The Bible in the Book of Genesis. Could that be an indication of the time between the Rapture and the Return of the LORD to the Earth?

There is no Biblical reference that says the Great Tribulation, Daniel’s Prophesied 70th Week/Shemitah, begins directly following the Rapture.

I also believe that the knowledge of the timing of the Harpazo, The Rapture, of the Body of Christ, has on it a Spiritual Padlock of sorts. This is NOT, so much, to keep us from knowing the time of our “Blessed Hope”, Titus 2:13, as it is to keep Satan from being able to plan for it.

Meanwhile, in the New Age community, which has made a re-appearance from the 1970’s, plenty of chatter about “The Cleansing”. New Agers believe in a reverse Rapture. These pagans calling themselves New Ager’s, channeling their familiar spirits, which are nothing more than demons, call the Departure of the Body of Christ… the “cleansing.” The Pagan New Ager’s describe this event as a time when all of those who will not accept the Anti-Christ consciousness will be removed to another dimension and/or be destroyed.

“Prepare yourselves,” wrote alleged UFO abductee and contact for the “Galactic Federation”, (so called), Aleuti Francesca, “for the day now closely approaches and those who are not so prepared must vanish from the face of this your Earth. Those who align themselves with the things of the Old must be destroyed with that age of decay and darkness.”

The teaching of this “cleansing” is an obvious tactic of Satan who will want several excuses for The Rapture of The Body of Christ after the event takes place. The LORD God wants Satan to be completely fooled by the event of the Rapture, just like he was fooled by the unfolding and revealing, to the Apostle Paul (and NOT the 12 Disciples), of The Mystery, The Body of Christ, after Our LORD’s Resurrection and ascension.

“But we speak the wisdom of God in a Mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory, Which NONE of the Principalities of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” 1 Corinthians 2:7-8 , and then, “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it” Colossians 2:15

Let’s circle back again to the time between Enoch’s Harpazo/Rapture and the start, the first day, of the Flood is 531 years according to The Bible in the Book of Genesis. I believe this could that be an indication of the time between the Rapture, the coming of Christ into the air to call home the Body of Christ, and the Return of the Christ physically to the Earth. Let me state again, there is nowhere in the Bible that says that the Great Tribulation begins immediately following the Harpazo, the Rapture.

The Average lifespan for a person before the Flood was 929 years, also according to The Bible in the Book of Genesis, (That’s Adam to Noah, not including Abel or Enoch). Then, according to the Psalms (Psalm 90:10), man’s lifespan is three score and ten years (70 years.)

Since we know the length of time between Enoch’s Rapture and the First Day of The Flood Judgment (531 years), and we know the average Antediluvian lifespan, and we also know what the Bible says is the lifespan of man today, we can use a little algebra to determine what would likely be the comparative span of time between The Rapture of the Body of Christ, and the Day that the LORD returns physically to the Earth for the Final Conflict.

So here we go:

929 / 531 = 70 / X

531 x 70 = 37,170 / 929 = 40 years

With all of that said, there could be a span of time of 40 years from the Rapture to the physical appearance of The LORD returning in Glory to the Earth. 33 years (The amount of time of the LORD’s First Advent) + 7 years (Daniel’s 70th week) = 40 years.

Not that it matters to the Child of God as we will be home, in Heaven, with The LORD. Search all these things out for yourself!

In Ephesians 1:13 the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul declares that men are saved and sealed by hearing and BELIEVING the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your Salvation. Therefore, here, now, is declared unto you the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your Salvation: “that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4. BELIEVE today. The time is short.

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By Linda Devereaux

It’s no secret that nature as well as culture have defined femininity since the beginning of time. Nature has had the upper hand, of course, as most woman’s physical feminine attributes cannot be denied. However, the psychological characteristics of femininity along with the physical characteristics are currently being reshaped by today’s culture. But is today’s society offering an accurate depiction of who women really are? How do they really feel? How do they want to be portrayed? Or is this a movement designed to have us accept a norm that prohibits the natural qualities of femininity.

Looking back to antiquity, Cleopatra is a genuine example of femininity: “from every ancient source, we have a testimony to Cleopatra’s irresistible charm,” says essayist, Stacy Schiff. Cleopatra’s feminine allure is a historical fact. Only, it’s just as important to note that Cleopatra is the definition of a true feminist as well. As Greek philosopher, Plutarch puts it, ‘her ability to speak many languages including the language of flattery and, essentially, to be able to turn people to her will is great political genius, in that respect.’”

No doubt about it, the woman was a stunner, but her femaleness was also defined by her strong presence, her witty character, her powerful tone, and her persuasive speech; and because she possessed innate beauty, she wasn’t afraid to use her feminine wiles to assist her in achieving her goal: to be the sole leader of Egypt. Nice job, Cleo!

Over the course of the last 60+ years, the unraveling of what defines femininity has been eye opening for sure. In less than a lifetime we’ve witnessed the category evolve from classy, soft, and sexy to powerful, strong and, interestingly, gender-neutral, losing the twist of gentleness and enticement that has always encompassed how we categorize the classic feminine woman.

For example, you can track feminine traits and the psychological differences in old black and white TV shows of the late 1950’s early 1960’s. One of my all-time favorites is Perry Mason. I love Perry’s debonaire private detective, Paul Drake’s style. Whenever Paul enters Mason’s law office and finds Perry diligently collaborating with his assistant, the classy Miss Della Street, Drake addresses Della with his signature flirty declaration “Hello beautiful.” Whoa! Wait a minute! What? Try that in today’s office environment… off to HR with you!

But Della is the epitome of femininity for the time. Always in a smart suit and high heels, she accepts having doors opened, chairs pulled out, and recognizes comments like Paul’s as flattery. She’s an attractive, smart woman, a 1950’s classic lady who oozes style and grace and knows her role as Perry and Paul’s associate in the law practice is a critical one. And they know it too! Della’s intelligence and femininity merge to create an attractive persona that both men and women of that era found respectable and irresistible. Paul Drake was a man’s man. Della, a lady’s lady.

Fast forward to the 1970’s. My how things change! Feminism and femininity exist side by side! While woman fight for their rights, they become even more confident in their femininity. And it was never more apparent than in the fashion trends of the day.

Feminine style takes a giant leap and now includes wearing pants in the workplace, liberating women from the strangle of pantyhose! Casualwear is hip-hugger blue jeans and belly baring halter tops. And let’s not forget 70’s nightlife fashion; a slinky Danskin dress worn with platform shoes making women visions of loveliness on the disco dance floor.

During this radical period, women embrace their new fashion identity; the fresh persona created, exposing them in an entirely new way…particularly when the feminist movement urges them to burn their bras!

All kidding aside, femininity over time has not only been about style and fashion, but it’s style and fashion that alludes to women feeling like women. Thank you, Shania Twain, for expressing that so well in 1997!

The feminine ideal is quickly evolving and approaching a new and different phase. Bye-bye Victoria Secret Angels, hello gender equity. But is it important to redefine femininity… moving from what men really want to what woman really want? By all indications, the answer is a resounding…maybe. Culture may be changing, but some things cannot change

Stereotypical femininity has its flaws, but the natural characteristics of a woman’s identity won’t be altered no matter what society tells her. The fact is a woman’s inherent feminine characteristics haven’t shifted at all. Women are confident, mentally strong, and creative. Every one of us is a Cleopatra, a Della Street, and continues to have the mindset of the unconventional woman of the 1970’s. Women are intrinsically nurturers, sensitive, and tender, with an enthusiastic sexuality put forth in a soft, cool voice; a feminine voice that says I am beautiful in all my ways, and I am strong in heart. So, to answer the question: Can femininity be regained? The truth is…it can never be lost.

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By Donna Gwin

I’m honored to have a very special interview with an artist many of you have come to know, and respect, for his amazing art. He’s an artist who will be remembered as a Patriot, who with his brush, sharp eye, and great talent, captured the political battle of our lifetime in brilliant color. We’ve seen those, such as, Lt. General Michael Flynn and the greatest President of our lifetime, Donald Trump, come alive in his pieces. His artwork has also given us a look into the “Hitleresque” tyranny of those who have tried to destroy all that we know and love about our great Nation. You know him as: The Commander’s Artist.

DG- At what age did you discover you had a gift for art?

Well, by the age of nine I was drawing comic book characters. My aunt thought I was tracing the images but when my mother showed her the original image I was drawing from, mine was twice the size.

DG- What type of training did you receive for expanding YOUR art?

Well, after I served in the military for my country, I attended the Art Institute to further my learning.

DG- What made you decide to do POLITICAL art as a form of communicating ideas?

I would say the idea came when the social media platforms started silencing Patriot Voices, truth, and facts. Memes were a way to say what needed to be said without saying a word. Then I decided to do more in the way of serious Prints as opposed to memes. I wanted it to be more professional mimicking a magazine cover.

DG- You pour your heart and soul into each piece. I feel your own convictions, beliefs and core values show in each one. How much do you feel you pull on these values when working on each individual painting?

I try to keep it simple not overpowering my values on others but just show how I perceive them.

DG- You bring such life to each piece. The characters in your Art seem to come from a place of deep admiration for Patriots, and at the same time, shines light on those who have shown themselves to be very much anti-American. Have you ever feared retaliation when you show them in an honest, truthful but what they see as unfavorable light?

Interesting question Donna, Yes at first but as of today I believe fear needs to be put in check if we want to get the truth out.

DG- I know you put many hours into each work of Art. Where do you get the ideas and decide which person or subject to work on next?

My friends call it a God thing! I have to agree with them because the ideas flow so naturally. I might be creative but this is coming from a higher creative spirit.

DG – How do you come up with amazing new ideas to paint?

Like I said it’s a God thing! 

DG – At the event in Vegas, a lady came who had lost everything, her job gone, due to Covid-19, and she had spent the last of her money to get there. She wanted to be there to learn and meet Lt General Flynn. There was so much happening she wasn’t going to be able to meet him. As soon as you saw her heart breaking, you gifted her two signed art pieces by Gen-Flynn. You always make time and give to everyone.

What drives you to give so much of your hard work away, asking nothing in return?

Simple, it’s better to give than receive is what I believe is the true blessing in this life. Nothing worse than a greedy person always taking and never giving back. Believe me, I have met many like this.

DG – How did you meet General Flynn?

That’s a story that Gen-Mike are saving for another time to do together.

DG – Do you work with General Flynn? Was his sister the key to open the door? A friend told me Generals Flynn’s sister Barbara, followed her on Twitter, so I made contact with her there and Barbara is the one who put me in touch with General Flynn.

Yes, I am General Flynn’s commissioned Artist among many other high-profile people. We have worked together to do Benefits for many different people and organizations, and still do.

DG – I hear Donald Trump has your art, is this true? Just recently at Mar-a-Lago?

Yes, that is true. I am truly honored he loved the PRINT. of him and his son Barron.

DG- I’ve known you for a long time and I know how hard you’ve worked and how long you have waited for one of your Art pieces to get to President Trump. Can you describe how you felt when you finally witnessed the amazing Piece of Trump and his son Baron being handed to him? I know I was excited, and my heart was so very proud for you.

I nearly fell off my chair when the news from two of my friends texted me a video of him receiving it.

DG – When did you get involved with Clay Clark Freedom tour?

The first time was July of 2021. I was asked by Gen-Mike to show the world my art as a motivational and inspiring form for the true patriots to get involved in saving AMERICA.

DG – Had you had any clue to the fact GEORGE publication was interested in you doing the cover art?

Had no clue till I received a phone call asking if I’ll do the cover art for all issues.

DG- When you found out your Art was going to be on the cover of GEORGE, would you give us an idea of how you processed that fact, knowing that you Almost Quit at one time?

Well, there’s a person in my life that kept me motivated to keep doing my work. I was about to retire my art creations. A longtime friend Donna Gwin or KittyPatriot4America as she’s known on social media, she refused to let me quit. If I mentioned quitting, she would stay on me until I gave in. She kept telling me, “God has a plan for you Mike, You Can’t Stop Now!” She was relentless, but right.

DG – Some have said because of you Gen. Flynn was made into a superhero before he was even acquitted.

General Flynn was a Hero long before I started doing this Art. I have however portrayed him to be the Hero and exceptional Patriot he is. I do believe my Art brought much attention to what General Flynn and his family had been going through. The gross injustice, false accusations, unfair attacks and framing of a great Patriot who gave thirty plus years of his life, serving and defending our Country. I felt I had to do something, and this was something I could do.

DG- Did you give some of your Art Prints to be auctioned for General Flynn’s defense fund?

Yes. We had several auctions where one hundred percent of the funds went to his defense Fund. I wish I could have done more.

DG – Some say you’re the one who works in the background connecting many together, in fact even discovering talent for the movement. Examples?

Yes it’s true, but I would rather stay silent on who. They all know what I did for them and that’s good enough for me. Remember it’s better to give?

DG- I’ve witnessed how your Art brings Patriots together. We all have a common goal of Making America Great, saving our kids and grandkids futures and freedom. Much of your early Art was calling attention to different views of the right and left, Democrat vs Republican. Since we were so heavily silenced, banned and kept from speaking truth or stating facts, did you feel your Art and or Prints would help wake people up to the issues of our time? I feel your early memes and Prints were a brilliant way to get truth to many without saying a word.

Well you hope they would. Many caught the hidden messages in those early memes.

DG – How much of the content of your early works were focused on shining a Patriotic view and shining a light on the issues we found our Country facing?

Simply 100%!

DG- One of my most heartwarming moments was in Dallas when General Flynn was talking to Patriot Leonard Crowl, as he wanted to be portrayed in his Print, we heard his story and with not a dry eye in the room, the feeling of love and Patriotism filled that room. Without hesitation, you offered to paint Leonard in his uniform, and gift for him and his family. That touched his heart, but he wanted to “be a Patriot” he said.

Yes, he lost everything in a house fire. He was a Navy vet, he recently passed. I offered to paint him in his navy uniform, but he stopped me at, “No, I want to be a patriot this time. I already fought in WWII.” Leonard was the kindest person and very mentally sharp for his age in the upper 90’s.

DG – Where does your generosity come from? You always give freely and fiercely defend what is right. You are one of the most amazing Patriots I know. I’m honored to call you friend.

Thank you. Well, it’s my faith in God and faith in His justice.

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By Writeside Blonde

In the inaugural issue of GO, George Online, I’m throwing it back to introduce you to the OG. That is, the “original George.” 

If you’re new to George, don’t worry. I’ll be taking you on a journey through time. The picture of us all hopping into a giant tour bus with “George” written on the front in big red letters comes to mind. The engine starts up and off we are to discover why we should even be on this tour bus in the first place. The answer to that question is an answer to many questions we all may already be exploring.

On newsstands across the nation, a political magazine known as George emerged in the fall of 1995. Between the glossy covers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan, George likely blended in. But now, nearly 27 years later, it is obvious there is more to George than meets the eye. Much more.

John Kennedy Jr. created the magazine to incorporate politics with pop culture, satisfying society’s ever-growing want for factual information with the need to be entertained. In an interview with Larry King, Kennedy stated he wanted to “change the definition of a political magazine.” As the Internet grew and information became easier to attain, political figures found success in becoming visitors on late night talk shows, sitcoms, radio shows, and other modes of informal mass communication. 

Amusing yet informative, it was the first magazine of its kind and proudly touted its signature and accurate catch phrase “not just politics as usual.” Cover artist Matt Berman was appointed the job of integrating top models and movie stars with notable political figures, a feat accomplished beautifully. Each cover tells a story, both the cover itself as well as the words written on the covers. For instance, on the Robert De Niro cover (December 1995/January 1996), the sword De Niro is clutching, piercing the ace of spades? That was George Washington’s actual sword.

In his book, “JFK Jr., George & Me,” Berman wrote about the time Kennedy left the sword in his possession. Berman worriedly asked Kennedy, “What if I leave it in the cab?” Kennedy coolly replied, “You won’t.” These types of documented memories have turned the magazine into a bit of a story for me with characters I’ve grown to appreciate and love.

When George introduced its inaugural issue, I was just 11. I didn’t know much of anything about politics, nor did I care. Though I was just a kid at the time, I think many Americans shared my sentiments about politics no matter what their ages. John Kennedy knew that. As the son of a former President, he knew how important it was for Americans to understand politics. As a beloved public icon, he knew how much entertainment was needed to achieve that goal. 

Anyone who has read the articles knows he accomplished just that.

Hello George

So how in the world did I go from an 11-year-old girl who’d never heard of George to a 38-year-old woman who is writing articles about them? I thought you’d never ask!

Like many of you reading this, the year 2020 afforded me the time to slow down and dig. From that research I discovered a lot of things, one being George Magazine. A year later as luck would have it, I found myself cleaning out a basement for a man with dementia. His adult kids lived across the country and didn’t want the hassle of traveling back to clean out his townhome. So, there I was, sorting and tossing all his junk left there for years. Newspaper clippings. Old mothy blankets. VHS tapes. You get the idea. 

In one of the boxes, I noticed a familiar image. It was the inaugural George Magazine with Cindy Crawford on the front. Of course, I set it aside, saving it from being thrown away. That was the first publication of my George Magazine collection; how fitting is it that it was the first issue? I now have them all as well as some duplicates. Instead of the “crazy cat lady” (I have no cats), I’ve lovingly referred to myself as “the crazy George lady.” What I have found as I highlight the covers and articles on my social media channels is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Oftentimes the articles help connect dots as to why things are the way they are now. I have learned an immense amount from the contributors, columnists, political analysts, and John Kennedy himself within the pages of George Magazine. Call it “Politics: 101, George style.” No tuition necessary.

If you believe in coincidences, there are a hefty amount of them in John Kennedy’s George Magazine, the OG. If you don’t generally believe in coincidences, welcome. You’ll fit right in. I am honored to share my thoughts in the NEW George Magazine, George Online, especially in its inaugural issue. 

One can learn a lot about the future looking back at the past. What’s that saying? If you don’t learn from history, you’re bound to … well, you know the rest. Here’s to new beginnings and fresh starts. And here’s to George.

By Scott Zimmerman, Business Editor

We all know someone who is as nice as can be–yet when you see them approaching, you know the conversation will be like nails screeching on a chalkboard for you. Unless you learn the skill of adapting to the observable behavior of others, you are that person for other people; they’re just too nice to tell you. In this article, I will teach you how to practice Dr. Tony Alessandra’s The Platinum Rule®, which states, “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them,” or, “Treat people the way they like to be treated.” 

Prior to discovering this concept, I had studied DiSC, the enneagram, and Myers-Briggs. While I found these methods of personality profiling to be interesting, it was The Platinum Rule mantra of being “outwardly focused” that I found to be not only simple to master, but also the most effective way to improve relationships. In fact, within days of learning and applying the art of adapting to the observable behavior of others, my personal as well as professional relationships began to improve significantly. 

The Platinum Rule is a more modern, sensitive version of The Golden Rule, which teaches us to “Do unto others as we would want done to ourselves.” However, not everyone wants or likes to be treated the way that we do! Some people enjoy slow, warm, friendly conversations, while others prefer conversations that stay on topic, stick to facts, and aren’t emotionally driven at all.

To determine how another person likes to be treated, you only need to pay attention to two dimensions of their observable behaviors. One is the speed with which they talk, walk, and even eat. The second is the degree of warmth (or lack thereof) that they exhibit when they’re around you. I like to picture a dashboard on someone’s forehead during our conversation.

Adapting to another person’s observable behaviors provides two benefits: it reduces interpersonal tension while increasing levels of trust. Can you imagine the advantage a professional salesperson would have if they could accurately predict both when and how their customer would be comfortable making their buying decision? As the only salesperson for my own business, I enjoyed a 450% increase in my sales within the first ninety days of applying The Platinum Rule with my own clients.

The first dimension of an observable behavior is “Directness,” or the speed at which the person appears to do things. Someone who is more Direct than Indirect typically talks fast, walks fast, eats fast, and makes quick decisions. Conversely, some people are more Indirect than Direct. These people appear more quiet, calm and introverted. They speak, eat, and walk at a slower pace, and they want and need both time and space to make any decision.

When you’re in a conversation with someone who is exhibiting more Direct than Indirect behaviors, they’re trying to tell you that–now–they’re driven by a need to either accomplish something, fix something, move something forward, or arrive at a decision. They’re showing you that they are not afraid to take risks. They tend to come across as confident, assertive, and extroverted.

On the other hand, when you’re in a conversation with someone who appears to be more Indirect than Direct, they’re telling you that they are driven by a need to be certain. Therefore, they are very slow to change things or take any risks. They tend to come across as a little more easygoing and cooperative. Being introverted, they tend to ask more than they tell. Direct people tend to tell more than they ask.

For example, upon entering an Indirect person’s office, they might ask you, “Would you like to have a seat?” A Direct person, on the other hand, might say something like, “Nice to see you. Have a seat and let’s get started.”

When I’m in a sales conversation with someone who’s exhibiting Indirect behaviors, they are telling me that they want both time and space to decide–so that’s exactly what I offer them. You can witness them visibly relax when I’m the one who says, “We’re not going to be making any decisions today. I just want to present you with all the facts and research that you need to make your own decision in your own timeframe. Would you mind if I followed up with you in a week or two and see what you think about what we’ll be discussing today?” By adapting my speed to match their speed, I not only reduce interpersonal tension by delaying the buying decision for the Indirect customer, but also make it easy for the Direct customer to buy from me immediately.

The second dimension of observable behavior is the amount of warmth–or lack thereof–that someone is exhibiting. Warm people can be considered “Open,” while cooler people who aren’t exhibiting much warmth are “Guarded.”

Open people are easy to read and easy to get to know. They’re friendly, animated, and natural “touchers” and “huggers.” Their primary focus is mostly on relationships and people, and they are free with your use of their time. They love conversations that tend to meander. They smile easily and they’re just naturally warm and friendly. These people tend to make emotional buying decisions. They like stories and testimonials.

Conversely, Guarded people are harder to read and harder to get to know. Whatever they are thinking or feeling generally remains on the inside. They are tight with your use of their time, and when they’re done speaking, they stop speaking. Their primary focus is not on feelings and relationships, but rather on facts, tasks, data, work, and results. It’s not that they don’t share the same feelings as Open people–they do! It’s more that they don’t express those feelings in the same way. For instance, they’re much less likely to cry in a movie theater than an Open person. They also like conversations to start and end on one topic. When that topic is covered, they want you to stop speaking–it’s time to go back to work. They tend to base their buying decisions solely on provable facts about a product or service offer. Their buying decisions are very unemotional; you will not win them over with stories and testimonials. 

If you put these two dimensions of speed and temperature together, you can accurately predict what mode a person is operating in, as well as when and how they want to make a buying decision. If the person appears to be warm and friendly and operating at a quick speed, they are in a “Socializing” mode. They tell great stories and want to be the life of the party—the center of attention. They make very quick buying decisions as soon as something feels right. However, buyer’s remorse is a possibility for someone in this mode, so a good salesperson will have to be ready to reassure them with reasons why their decision is a good one.

If someone is exhibiting warm and friendly behaviors, but they’re quieter and more cooperative, they’re in a “Relating” mode. They like stories and testimonials, but they want time and space to reconcile their feelings about the decision they’re going to make. They also need reassurance regarding how their decision will impact other people on their team, so they want to think things through very carefully. They will frequently ask other people for their opinions. They are loyal, warm, and friendly, and they want you to be the same. They don’t want to be “sold;” they just want to feel as though you are helping them make a proper decision. 

If someone is coming across as quiet and cooperative, but they seem more Guarded than warm and friendly, they’re in their “Thinking” mode. They want time and space to make their decision, and you’d better be prepared to give them all the facts and data they need, because as soon as you leave, they will begin shopping for other solutions. They tend to be the most intelligent–and the most difficult–to sell to. 

Finally, if someone is coming across as Guarded, or not very warm and friendly, but also fast-paced, confident, and assertive, they’re in a “Directing” mode. They want to decide as soon as possible, but you’d better give them just the facts. They will fly at 40,000 feet…until they swoop down and start asking you very pointed questions; they’re only doing this to see if they can trust that you know your stuff. Once you’ve established trust, someone in a Directing mode will make a very quick buying decision; they will also hold you accountable to every hint of any promise you may have made during your conversation.

The concepts I just shared with you come directly out of the first book that I wrote with Dr. Alessandra called, The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery. Year after year, this book is voted top 50 in Top Sales World magazine, and it remains there today. In the sales coaching I do for people, the very first thing I do is analyze their natural style. Then, I teach them not only how to successfully apply the benefits of that style during a sales conversation, but also how to avoid things they’re likely to do that may erode trust between them and their potential client.

In closing, mastering the art of adaptability will not only make you a better salesperson, but will improve every relationship in your personal life as well. By nature, I’ve never considered myself a great “people person.” However, by mastering just this one skill, I’ve noticed that now people seem to really enjoy their conversations with me. And the best part is that it’s not manipulative—it’s simply being considerate of how the other person likes to be treated.

About the Author: Scott Zimmerman had the vision to combine his cutting-edge marketing technology with Dr. Tony Alessandra’s proven sales psychology. The result was a proprietary communication platform that could automatically send customized marketing messages that matched each recipient’s interests and even their personality type. Today, that platform has evolved into a done-for-you service that helps salespeople and professional service providers build—and maintain—meaningful relationships with (literally) hundreds of their clients, prospects, colleagues, and referral partners.

Scott invested his career in the study of graphic design, branding, positioning, psychology (as related to influence) business-to-business selling and one-to-one marketing.

Also in 2005, they co-authored “The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery”, which was recently voted Top 50 sales books by Top Selling Magazine. Scott and Dr. Alessandra went on to write additional books on entrepreneurship and trade show marketing.

Today, Scott is helping build a team of marketing and sales experts in a new company called Cyrano Service. They help sales teams and professional service providers build strong personal brands and provide them with one-on-one coaching, mentoring and tools to help them with their personal and professional development. Scott also enjoys crafting custom webinars and keynote speaking. To reach Scott: [email protected] or via cell: 330-618-4251

My name is Chepita Morales, and I am a 1st generation American, that was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1958 and later Naturalized a US citizen. I grew up in a very poor family of 6 girls, 3 older, and 2 younger, my mother, and a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic father who kept our family broke and without food because of his addiction. I remember going to sleep many nights extremely hungry. It also didn’t help that my country was under the control of the Somoza family, a puppet regime put in place by the American Govt. whose military wreaked havoc on the people.

In December of 1971, after just turning 13, was when my mother seized an opportunity for me to escape this life. An American Diplomat who had made friends with my older sisters, convinced her to let me return with him, as legal guardian, to Washington DC to live with his family and attend school. So, she let me go, not knowing what would befall me there.

Pedophilia began almost immediately as he would sexually fondle me while I was asleep. I’d wake up thinking that I was dreaming, but 4 months later, reality set in when he actually raped me. I was all alone, a scared young girl, not even knowing what sex was, without my mother, or anyone to hear my crying and comfort me. Things changed from poverty to perversion. I became very upset with the God I knew and wondered, ‘was this going to be my new life now?’

In July of 1973, the US Govt. sent us on assignment to Chile. On Sept 11, a US backed military coup began with Augusto Pinochet seizing control of the country from Salvador Allende. Curfews were instituted, food shortages, toilet paper, and bread lines began, and at 14, I personally witnessed the execution of many college students who lived across the street, suspected of having ties to Allende’s Marxist movement.

From Chile, we were sent to Peru. The Marxist terrorists were already slowly infiltrating the country. Not knowing the type of assignment we were on, I was surprised to see the Marxist terrorists show up at our front door with guns drawn. We hid until they left, and had to escape the next day, being evacuated back to Washington DC.

We remained in DC until he retired and then moved to Miami. It was there that after many years pretending to be his adopted daughter that he coerced me into marriage once I had turned 18.

While living in Miami, my life took another twist when I fell in love with a young Air Force guy. I was still married at the time, but 11 months later I divorced the old man, married my new husband and had a baby girl. In 1998 I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and became His Ambassador of the Gospel. Having now the Mind of Christ, He gave me the wisdom and understanding to realize that all I had been through was according to His plan and purpose, albeit painful.

Armed with the knowledge of these life experiences, I see what our political leaders are doing to America, and it angers me. As a legal Latina, I took the oath to defend our Constitution, and I will participate in the political system to effect changes. In 2020, I wrote a fingerprint ID bill using the website for the purpose of stopping voter fraud and submitted it to our State Representative to forward to Congress. I am also using my business as a platform to share the gospel, my story, and that there is only one America, blessed by God, and she is still worth fighting for!

Gene Ho – Trump’s Return | Interview with The Commander’s Artist | Scott McKay – “Patriot Street Fighter” | Plus much more!


That’s right, JFK Jr.’s Publication from the mid-1990s has made a comeback and like the original George, it won’t just be politics as usual. John Kennedy Jr. was the Editor-in-Chief of George Magazine, a polished publication focused on culture, art, and POLITICS. The magazine ran from 1995 to 2001, featuring 57 issues with 61 inventive covers (the August 2000 issue offered two different covers, one of JFK and the other of Ronald Reagan).

John Kennedy Jr. shared Charles De Gaulle’s sentiment that “politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” George Magazine was his way to simplify and humanize politics, to entice the American people to take a more active role in their governing, and to share much needed information in a creative way. Many of the articles featured in the original magazines pertain to current events, a fact that has led many to wonder if John Kennedy Jr. was some sort of time traveler!

This is why so many people are excited about “George 2.0”! Because they loved the clever mixture of pop culture and politics that JFK Jr. introduced to the world. We loved it as well!

However, during the past two+ decades, the world has evolved and so did “George”.

Today’s George will, as in the past, combine politics and pop-culture, but we are adding sections regarding faith and religion, business, finance, luxury living, travel, and a section for video interviews. We will interview and write about people with conflicting viewpoints and let you—the reader—form your own opinions.

Our vision wasn’t to produce “another publication”. It was to produce artwork! Every cover features a unique, striking image, hand-painted by “The Commander’s Artist”, (internationally acclaimed Michael Marrone). Inside, you’ll be dazzled by a combination of custom graphics and world-class page layout. We contracted with a printing company that will produce our art into an oversized, high-quality, coffee table book that you will be proud to display.

We hope you’ll join us as we continue the quest to “demystify the political process,” as John Kennedy Jr. wrote in his Editor’s Letter in the Inaugural Issue 27 years ago. Though it was written in 1995, that mission is needed just as much–if not more–now. Hello George!

You may CLICK HERE to purchase our regular magazine or CLICK HERE if you are interested in our “Collector’s Edition”; limited to only 2,400 issues and each cover is unique and numbered.

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