by Scott Zimmerman

It’s very, very troubling to discover that nearly everything I’ve ever watched, read, or heard from the news media—during my entire six decades of existence—has pretty much been lies fabricated by my own government.

I’ve been hosting regular weekly zoom meetings with a group of highly intelligent participants. These zoom meetings last for hours and cover a variety of topics and current issues. I can freely say this group is comprised of the smartest people I’ve ever met. One of our main topics of interest is the marked difference between the stories that mainstream media (MSM) reports and what our research uncovers. Honest reflection regarding the accuracy of reporting causes us to ask ourselves more questions than sharing the answers we were “told/sold”. In this article, I will share with you MSM stories from the past six years and contrast them against real research by a group of citizens who have no agendas, no financial gains, and no conflicts of interest.

Elsewhere within this issue is a separate article that does a great job of exposing “Operation Mockingbird”; a long-standing CIA program working in conjunction with the MSM to create false narratives.

Considering so much deception and disinformation being transmitted these days, my goal is to help you by getting you to ask yourself good questions and arrive at your own conclusions, instead of having “facts” being spoon-fed to you by others.

The most common question that we raised was, “How is it possible for all of MSM to get every single story wrong for six full years?”

We discussed the MSM’s relentless push regarding “Ukraine collusion”. Then President Trump was being specifically attacked for applying pressure to Zelensky to supposedly “manufacture evidence” of the Biden’s true relationships with Ukraine. This is the story we were sold, but we kept digging for more answers.

One of the most striking videos we found was President Biden freely admitting, on camera, that he threatened to withhold a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine if Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, was not fired and replaced. “Why is that any business of Joe Biden?”, we wondered. It turned out that Mr. Shokin was investigating Burisma Group, a huge energy company with addresses listed in both Cyprus and their capital, Kyiv. Shokin was homing in on the odd relationship between the company and one of their Board Members, Hunter Biden.

Here is the actual video (Important note: Mr. Biden was the sitting Vice President of the United States at the time of his accidental confession):–dj2-CY

We also learned that Hunter was being paid more than $80,000/month, and eventually even some of the MSM were forced to report it (but tried to bury the story, especially leading up to the 2020 Presidential election):

I watched a very important press conference about an hour prior to the final Presidential debate between Mr. Biden and President Trump. Tony Bubolinski shared that he was business partners with both Hunter and his uncle, James Biden, and revealed hard evidence of their under-the-table dealings with foreign countries, and specifically named China. He also stated that he had proof of Joe Biden’s knowledge (and blessings) of their illegal business transactions. Mr. Bubolinski presented three cell phones and shared that all the hard evidence of the Biden family colluding with the Chinese government was contained within these phones from the years 2015-2018. He specifically said that there are voicemails, emails, texts, private messages, and every other thing that would be required to prove the crimes committed by the Biden family.

I found it odd that Mr. Bubolinski turned the phones over to the FBI, received assurances that they would follow up with him within a week, but never heard back from them to this day. Bubolinski recently shared this information in his interview with Tucker Carlson. The video of the press conference disappeared from the MSM along with the evidence given to the FBI. Poof! Gone.

Here is the actual press conference and you can judge for yourself if this man is lying or telling the truth:

As of the time of this writing, one of the hot topics among my research group is, “Why is the Biden administration flooding Ukraine with tens of billions of our tax dollars?” Our consensus? “Follow the money!” If the Bidens and other politicians were enriching themselves before the Russia/Ukraine ordeal, imagine how that is working out now that they’re funneling a never-ending flow of monies that cannot be traced nor accounted for! It’s ironic that more than $75BB is sent to guard Ukraine’s border, but the same Congresspeople and Senators fought Trump tooth and nail—for more than two years—to deny him a paltry $5BB to protect our own border! Ask yourself why certain Republicans also got behind the funding of Ukraine’s “war” so quickly.

If the FBI and the MSM were willing to bury these stories, how hard would they have to work to bury the world’s biggest smoking gun known as “Hunter Biden’s laptop?”

Just a few weeks prior to the 2020 election, the New York Post reporter, Miranda Devine, wrote a feature article regarding Hunter’s laptop. For a couple of days, it was all my group could discuss. We were most pleased that the truth had finally come out in the media, but our joy was short-lived. In short order, the New York Post’s Twitter account was suspended and the story disappeared from the Internet. Mine and many other large Twitter accounts were immediately shadow banned for even mentioning “Hunter”, “Biden”, or “laptop”. We agreed that the MSM was being painted into a “lose/lose” decision: Either report on the hard evidence of Biden family crimes (and cost them the election) or bury the story. They chose the latter. Time will tell, but if or when the evidence is revealed that MSM outlets had evidence and hid it, is that journalism or something much more sinister?

Amazingly, Miranda Devine’s book was written, published and released a full year before the media even began hinting that the Biden family was possibly in trouble. I have no dog in the hunt but will tell you that “The Laptop from Hell” is one riveting read.

The FBI, who never followed up with Mr. Bubolinski, also hid the laptop evidence they possessed. Recent stories are now emerging that it was the FBI itself that approached Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and told him that the laptop was comprised of Russian disinformation and strongly suggested that FaceBook censor all pertinent information. Sadly, as I was sharing information like this on my Twitter and FaceBook accounts, I soon was deleted from both social media platforms. Unfortunately, so were nearly all my patriotic friends.

Here’s the article/interview of Mr. Zuckerberg admitting to the collusion with the FBI:

Before and after the 2020 election, we were researching and posting our findings on Twitter: only 33 of us working shoulder-to-shoulder. We were posting facts that we researched that opposed the MSM narrative. On January 8, 2021, just prior to Biden’s inaugural address, tens of thousands of patriotic Twitter accounts were erased in the blink of an eye. Poof! Gone.

Prior to being eradicated from the Twitter Universe, our small group had amassed a collective following of more than 1.4 million people and earning more than 1.5 billion monthly impressions. Simply put, a small group of unpaid citizens had gained more credibility and impressions on our postings than all the other MSM organizations combined! On Twitter, we blew past the monthly views of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC collectively! It’s no wonder why they wanted us silenced. It turns out that people were turning off their televisions and scouring the Internet for “real news”. Many of them found us and are still eagerly searching out “alternative news”.

Now, nearly two years after the election, what is finally “leaking” into the MSM narratives? Hunter’s laptop, Zuckerberg’s confession about the FBI meetings and the subsequent censoring, and the real colluders with Ukraine and China. The size and scope of the swamp is starting to boggle your mind, isn’t it? It took even more members of the deep state to help put a shine on the diamond called propaganda.

Let’s have a look at MSM’s misdirection from a higher vantage point, shall we? This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats; there’s plenty of slimy rats on both sides of the aisle. Think bigger. Much, much bigger. This is good fighting evil. Decent citizens, worldwide, working in teams to uncover the lies and deceptions of governments, media, big tech, and big pharma colluding to control the narratives, and by extension, all of us ordinary people. We are now fully engaged in the war of information!

How many of you have been following the trials conducted by Special Counsel and Federal Prosecutor, John Durham? How many of you have even heard of him? If not, why not? Those of us digging independently have been watching him and his team like a hawk for years. Don’t be surprised at what he’s exposing today and will continue to expose. Here’s one small sample…

During the Michael Sussman trial, Robby Mook, former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, admitted that she knew and approved of the “leak” to the MSM; falsely pinning Russian collusion on the Trump administration. She did so in the months leading up to the 2016 election against Trump.

Even CNN themselves were forced to finally report the undeniable truth:

As I write this today, Mr. Durham has just launched another trial with charges filed against Igor Danchenko. Hopefully, truths will begin surfacing about his affiliation with the FBI, Perkins Coie (the law firm that served as the buffer between Hillary and Christopher Steel), and other evidence that the Clinton Team and the DNC—in collusion with the MSM—tried to hide from you. Oh, by the way, the same Michael Sussman I mentioned earlier was one of the partners of Perkins Coie and he resigned within hours of learning that the Durham team found evidence and was pressing charges. While Sussman was only charged with smaller crimes, the trial produced the exact outcome Mr. Durham wanted: Hillary’s own campaign manager throwing her under the bus.

If you want more evidence of MSM stations colluding to share the same false narratives, watch this two-minute video of CNN desperately trying to spin a video that went viral. It proved that there is no more “real reporting”, and journalism has died. We no longer have reporters; we have talking heads that only read what is fed into their teleprompters. Enjoy:

Every local reporter reading the same story—word-for-word—made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I’ll never forget the first time I saw that, and it fueled me to team up with other patriots to start digging in “groups”. We haven’t slowed down a bit in more than four years, and in future articles I will share with you our findings in other areas regarding:

I hope I’ve shared just enough to make you curious to both question your own beliefs and to also start digging for your own truths/evidence. Me and my friends have been digging furiously for years, and we aren’t ever going to stop!

About the Author: Scott Zimmerman had the vision to combine his cutting-edge marketing technology with Dr. Tony Alessandra’s proven sales psychology. The result was a proprietary communication platform that could automatically send customized marketing messages that matched each recipient’s interests and even their personality type. Today, that platform has evolved into a done-for-you service that helps salespeople and professional service providers build—and maintain—meaningful relationships with (literally) hundreds of their clients, prospects, colleagues, and referral partners.

Scott invested his career in the study of graphic design, branding, positioning, psychology (as related to influence) business-to-business selling and one-to-one marketing.

Also in 2005, they co-authored “The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery”, which was recently voted Top 50 sales books by Top Selling Magazine. Scott and Dr. Alessandra went on to write additional books on entrepreneurship and trade show marketing.

Today, Scott is helping build a team of marketing and sales experts in a new company called Cyrano Service. They help sales teams and professional service providers build strong personal brands and provide them with one-on-one coaching, mentoring and tools to help them with their personal and professional development. Scott also enjoys crafting custom webinars and keynote speaking. To reach Scott: [email protected] or via cell: 330-618-4251


Mockingbird: any of several songbirds of the New World family “Mimidae.” The common, or northern, mockingbird is well known as a mimic: it has been known to imitate the songs of 20 or more species within 10 minutes. (, accessed 10/9/2022)

A beautiful newscaster brushes her dark, shoulder length hair. She sits at her make up table in the studio with lights beaming onto her face, her gaze into the mirror. Set neatly in front of her is a collection of makeup brushes. She clutches one and gently pulls her hair back to apply powder to her face. Once finished, she confidently walks to the news desk, her notes prepared and waiting for her as she takes her seat. She exchanges a few effronteries with her colleagues and the countdown begins. 5…she checks that her mic is secure. 4…her hands find her hair and smooth out the leftover fly-aways. 3…she wipes the corners of her mouth and any excess lipstick away. 2…she sits up straight, her piercing stare finds its way to the camera. 1…it’s showtime.

She boldly reads from the teleprompter in her most assertive camera-ready voice.

On the other side of the screen is a working mother half listening, feverishly making a lunch for her kid who hates the school lunch that day, fish sticks. It’s a construction worker watching from his brief morning stop at the coffee shop before heading to the job site. It’s the businessmen and women during the daily commute to the office. It’s you. It’s me.

The news is our sense of truth, our sense of reality. In an instant, what we hear on the news can evoke feelings of pride, happiness, or excitement. But it can just as easily fill us with life-changing fear resulting in a societal shift, in what feels like our whole existence. If an entity wanted to take over a country, it wouldn’t be hard, knowing the impact of the information shared by the news and its effect on a population. “Information…knowledge is power. If you can control the information, you can control people.” Author Tom Clancy has said.

The information can be modified easily now too. What once was a legitimate top level news report, or a homemade video created by a concerned citizen can be scrubbed in a matter of minutes online. This blatant censorship leaves many to wonder if what they just observed with their own eyes was nothing more than an unchecked imagination. Witnesses are made to look insane. Researchers run short on sources of truth. “Fact checkers” on social media sites, funded largely by special interest groups, have become prominent and corroborate whatever reality is being pushed that week.

Every day, from what seems like everywhere, we are inundated with “news.” Yet despite all the information, no one has been able to come to any sensible conclusion. It seems two very different realities have emerged depending on what side of the political fence you stand. As a result, families have been torn apart and close friends have become strangers.

Was this done by design? Could it be this confusion was propagated by an agency within our own country? It’s not as far-fetched as it might seem. After all, it was William Casey, the Central Intelligence Agency director from 1981-1987, who stated in 1981, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” And it was the Inaugural CIA director, Wm Colby, who asserted the purpose of the CIA’s Project Mockingbird was to spread disinformation through the media in America, which included television, newspapers, as well as magazines. “The CIA even ran a formal training program in the 1950s to teach its agents to be journalists,” Carl Bernstein, an American journalist well-studied on the CIA’s relationship with media, wrote in a 1977 Rolling Stones article. To better understand the organization, it’s necessary to revisit its inception.

During World War II, a spy organization known as the Office of Strategic Services was created and served as the precursor for the CIA. Once the war was over, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947, officially forming the Central Intelligence Agency. The purpose of the CIA, the public was told, “was to fight communism in the world’s shadows and back alleys, from Bangkok to Berlin.” (George Magazine, “The CIA – 50 Years of Success, Scandals, and Sabotage,” James Risen, October 1997) Behind closed doors, however, was a different story.

Many have heard the whispers of CIA corruption throughout the years. Though shrouded in secrecy, Americans seem to have a clear assessment of the agency, manufactured from what they’ve seen on TV or heard in the movies. Much less of the population would be aware of two programs carried out in the wake of WWII, created in conjunction with the birth of the CIA.

Operation Paperclip and Operation Mockingbird. Two programs connected surreptitiously. Operation Paperclip’s mission was to covertly aid in the assimilation and protect the identities of many top Nazi officials after WWII, an estimated 55,000 of them. These Nazis were not only allowed to enter the United States in droves but were integrated comfortably into our society.

Operation Mockingbird‘s mission? To inject disinformation into American media outlets without the public finding out. To start the program, the CIA used approximately 400 of these new American (Nazi) “citizens” to carry out the initial stages of Mockingbird. For more than 7 decades, Americans have been subject to CIA influence in our media, despite its repeated ability to walk back accusations of the stealthy connection in the name of maintaining secrecy.

The CIA’s justification for spreading disinformation may have initially been in the name of safety, like most freedom-weakening programs. It’s easy to sell evil when it’s packaged as necessary for the country’s well-being. That argument, however, should have been null and void upon the USSR, and thereby the “Red Scare,” being dissolved. Yet, the CIA continued its connection to the media well after that and even expanded on it in the case of Hollywood (more on this in future issues).

And one might suggest the journalists were merely an insurance policy for the CIA, a way to quickly sweep up any brewing negativity about the agency and brush it under the rug before major reputational damage. Considering the amount of journalists on the CIA payroll from all branches of media, which was estimated at one point to be around 400 on the low end, one has to ask, “Did the CIA really need that many journalists just for damage control?” Or was there, perhaps, more at play all along?

It was Adolf Hitler’s former bodyguard, Otto Scorzeny, who stated on his deathbed, “What we are taught about history in American schools is not history, but a fairy tale. Better yet, it is propaganda designed to hoodwink an unsuspecting society about its true heritage and the treasonous acts and sabotage that were conceived to bring about a New World Order. You are about to learn the real identities of those who have infiltrated your nation on behalf of secret societies intent on bringing about the total slavery of mankind.”

Subversion is the process by which enemies infiltrate a country with the goal of slowly changing its culture, weakening it over time, to the point when it is unrecognizable. The process is done by inserting anti-American propaganda and as a result, Americans begin to despise their own heritage. Divided, they question their history. Ideas that once seemed preposterous become mainstream, not in the name of social justice like the subverters advertise, no. It is done in the name of destabilizing the very fabric holding the country together. The quickest and easiest way to subvert a country is by gaining control of the media and controlling what citizens hear on the radio, see on television, and read in the newspapers.

In 1961, President Kennedy said, “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

The speech addressed the media’s responsibility to ensure professionalism, to maintain our national security by not revealing secrets that would give our enemies the upper hand. But it accomplished something else. It laid out, in great detail, the enemy we are up against.

We’ve heard the rebuttal “but if THAT were true, wouldn’t it be in the news?” Given what we now know of the history of subversion, the CIA, and the cooperation of the media, the answer to the aforementioned question is a resounding no. Our media is, and has been for some time, complicit.

It’s generally human nature to side with whatever information is first fed to us. A wise man once stated, “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they were fooled.” Therefore, when the media tells us the New World Order that was planned for us is nothing more than a conspiracy theory, it is even more difficult to convince people that it is, in fact, real. Perhaps you, the reader of this article, have found yourself disagreeing, though you have no other reason for disagreeing other than what you heard on the news. This confusion is exactly what the media and all the puppeteers (subverters) behind it want.

Another tactic used frequently is done by accusing a target of exactly what those on the offense are engaged in. Want to ensure no one finds out about your propaganda program? Accuse the other side of releasing propaganda. Need to make sure no one finds out your game plan? Circulate an article stating exactly what your game plan is, only have the roles reversed. By the time anyone catches on to the truth, the damage has been done, the grave has been dug. One only needs to look back at the last two years of media releases to see this phenomenon, the inaccuracies. They are countless.

At George, we seek to expose these inaccuracies, to paint the true picture no matter what political side was “right” or “wrong.” Political parties do not matter anymore for good, and evil existed in both parties. Americans are yearning for the truth, and we will get the truth. We will come together again, and we will be united once more.

A mockingbird imitates other birds. Our mockingbird media has been mimicking one another, singing a reused melody that’s out of tune with Americans, our culture, and our foundation. It’s time to break the chain of bondage and the first link we must liberate from is the propaganda machine known as the mainstream “mockingbird” media.

“Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed, and no Republic can survive.” President John F. Kennedy


Sheila Holm, Author of “For the Sake of America IV”

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Proof the CIA put out disinformation:

Proof CIA and journalists still collaborate as of 2012

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George Magazine, “The CIA – 50 Years of Success, Scandals, and Sabotage,” James Risen, October 1997

By Michelle Marin

As the world opens to the endless possibility of travel, exotic international destinations are surely making their way onto your bucket list. But, before you pack your passport, dare to discover what is right in front of you, stateside.

It would be easy to dismiss Florida as a cliché travel destination. To do so would be missing a remarkable journey through the often-overlooked gems that make the Sunshine State what it is. Beyond obvious theme parks and tourist attractions lie off the beaten path adventures, rich history, and avant-garde glam that will leave even the most seasoned traveler returning for more. So, I would be remiss not to share what locals know and love about this enthralling state.

It only makes sense to begin your sojourn at the inception of our country, St. Augustine. A short forty miles from Jacksonville Airport takes you to our Nation’s Oldest City. Founded by Spanish admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés over four hundred years ago, St. Augustine is a paradox of European flavor and good ole Southern charm. To truly immerse yourself in the romance and history of the quaint city, stay at The Collector. Time seems to stand still amid leisurely strolls along brick-paved streets, horse-drawn carriage rides, and sunset sails along the peaceful Intracoastal. History comes alive around every corner – quite literally. Visit Castillo de San Marcos Fortress for historical reenactments and daily cannon firings. Even gourmands of the group will be pleasantly surprised by St. Augustine’s ever evolving foodie scene. For a taste of innovative Southern fare sourced from local growers check out The Floridian.

When you are ready to trade nostalgia for nature, head just two hours south to the Space Coast. This is the ‘real’ Florida. It does not take an ecologist to fall in love with Mother Nature’s ineffable display of natural beauty, from the C anaveral National Seashore to the St. Johns River. Ranked eleventh in the world for Eco-tourism destinations, the Space Coast is home to an abundance of rare and endangered wildlife and plants. You will be able to take part in adventures as unique as the coastal wetlands. For an indescribable experience, book a night paddle or kayaking trip along the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon is one of the only places in the world that you will find bioluminescent waters. Spot bottlenose dolphins, manatees, and fish as planktons cast a magical glow in the waters. For an exhilarating look into the marshes and swamps along the St. Johns River, venture out on an airboat ride. Get an up-close look at gators, birds, and the vast flora that call these waters their home. If you want to stay and play along the Space Coast for a few days, The Casa Coquina Del Mar is a hidden gem. If you are looking for a little more action, Orlando is just an hour away.

You can make the next destination an extension of this vacation or use it as another reason to come back to the Sunshine State. Either way, Little Torch Key is one of by far one of the most breathtaking places you will ever visit. It is quite a drive from Central Florida, but you will not regret making the road trip.

For those who are more about the destination than the journey, take a short flight from Orlando to Miami. From there, rent a car and drive the beautiful panoramic Overseas Highway. Just past the twenty-eight-mile marker of the Overseas Highway, or U.S. Route 1, lies a dream-worthy escape rivaling
any exotic island locale. The Florida Keys are aptly called America’s Caribbean for a reason, but the real gem of the Conch Republic is a secluded slice of heaven only accessible by private yacht or seaplane. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is America’s only exclusive island resort.

A place where the lines between crystal blue waters seamlessly blur onto your private deck and outdoor soaking tub. Stay under thatched roofs amid swaying palms and ocean breezes that leave you wondering if you are in French Polynesia rather than Florida. Try, however, to pull yourself away from the resort’s Balinese-style beauty, because there is an alluring archipelago just waiting to be discovered. And do try not to miss Dry Tortugas, one of America’s most remote national parks, a bucket-list destination in and of itself.

As much as I am highlighting low-key destinations, a visit to Key West is An undeniable rite of passage. Dare I say, Key West is much more than The sand in your toes, drink in your hand island, five o’clock somewhere adage. Don’t believe me? Visit Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden, the only frost-free, subtropical, natural conservation habitat, native  Plant botanical garden in the continental United States. 

Within the Gardens lies a lesser-known secret – an ode to Cuban’s long-standing relationship with the Florida Keys – The Chug Exhibit. A collection of preserved migrant boats used by Cubans during the crossings, The Chug exhibit is the only known collection of this size anywhere. It is humbling to think of the vast waters crossed in these humble vessels. Waters that hold a world of opportunity. Take for instance The Florida Reef – the only living coral barrier reef in the United States. And, for anglers that means stumbling upon one of the most unique fishing environments in the world. Edible catches are possible at any time of the year. To balance recreation and preservation, so many anglers catch and release. Regardless of your preference, with the depths of the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, the options are endless. Not just in the Florida Keys or for fishing but for vibrant culture, deep roots into our country, and a diverse natural wonderland.

That is what makes Florida anything but a cliche tourist destination. Hidden among towering Live Oaks or tucked along a remote stretch of beach, you will find your own magic. You just need to look a little closer at what is right there.

By Andre Popa

My family and I immigrated to this beautiful Land of The Free, Land of Opportunity, the American Dream… in 1979! I was merely 9 years old on that hot and exciting August night as we landed at Los Angeles International Airport.  The nightlights made the City of Angels seem bigger than the whole country of Romania! 

Escaping communism came at a price my father had to pay during the second world war.  He was recruited by the Americans, along with thousands of other young men from the eastern block of Europe, to train them in espionage.  After 18 months, they were no longer needed and turned over to the respective authorities. Most received life sentences, some survived and some did not.  My father was released along with many others after 14 years, serving from the age of 19 to 34!

Fast forward to 1979, the American government stepped in and provided an exit strategy for those same young men.  What would typically take 25-50 years to receive an exit visa from the Romanian Communist Government, we had ours in 2 months! And so did all the others that were still alive!

Why would so many want to flee a Communist State and find opportunity in other parts of the world, such as America the Great? Freedom? The U.S. Constitution? America’a Bill of Rights?  The answer is YES, all of that and so much more… 

Most Americans know there is a Constitution, yet have they read it?  Do we really know how it represents and protects us? Do we really know the Amendments?  Knowledge is only power when it is put into action as a plan, executed, and applied.   My message to the world has been very clear.  Get involved, research, study and find the Truth! Only Truth shall set you Free! 

My Father gave our Family new opportunity in this beautiful system called America!  He worked his ass off to provide and protect us!  He was always involved in some sort of politics in Romania and the USA!  In his last years he often spoke of the Communist similarities and direction America is going in. Many chose not to believe and even ridicule him.  Yet here we are, in 2022 where Americans don’t know what to believe anymore.  We’ve been divided into Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, etc… Divided we are weak!

The Human Dynamic wants and deserves to be free, not controlled and manipulated!  Can you imagine if the scholastic system really taught the Constitution? How about the Amendments?  How about Civil Law?  Instead, we memorized the 50 states! How’s that working out for us?  This begs the question of “What to do”?! Again, get involved, research and find the Truth! 

This article is dedicated to my father, the most courageous man I’ve known, Neculai Popa! 

Andre Popa 

Not often are people able to connect and communicate with thousands and thousands of listeners and maintain the sense of humility required of true patriotism. We are happy to present to you our experience with just such a person. In a rare and deeply insightful opportunity, our Editor-In-Chief, Gene Ho, was able to sit at the Mensa Libertatis with none other than the much-accomplished Scott McKay. As a social media influencer, Scott has taken up a mantle that few are willing to even acknowledge … that of Truth and Liberty, no matter the cost.

The man certainly knows how to make an entrance … when on the road, Scott commands the stage from the first instant as he appears wielding a battle axe in his right hand, his firearm safely holstered to his belt, and AC/DC thundering in the tympanis of the crowds’ eardrums.

Scott is busy traveling our great nation on his ‘Advancing the Forkin’ Line’ tour, but he was kind enough to let us know a little about how he sees the state of things and what real patriots like you can do to defend our God-Given liberties. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, but Scott dedicated a substantial portion of his life working within the halls of politics. Carrying with him the inspiration to make our country better than it has ever been, Scott lit out to the territories and shouldered various political assignments including grunt worker, campaign manager, campaign consultant, and Los Angeles GOP Committee member.

After 16 years, he was so disenchanted with the corruption in DC, he gave up his goal of public service and walked away from the world of politics. Being tired of waiting to get things done and blocked by other politicians who claimed to be allies but were only stumbling stones, he knew that he had a mission that could wait no longer … but the road Scott began walking was not without pitfalls. After many years of competitive bodybuilding and owning/operating several high-end fitness & wellness centers, he was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident in 2014 that left him physically disabled. In a situation where many would give up the good fight and cut whatever losses remained, Scott surrendered his health and wellbeing to his higher power.

Through his faith, support, and a mission more important than any other in his life, he went on to reclaim his complete mobility and is now battling harder and hotter than ever for those truths we all hold self-evident. His ideas are, of course, not without opposition. He knows firsthand that the elites who have seized the reigns of our nation are not trying to solve the problems, but to make the problems go away for the “Specials,” those in power who love to think that the citizens serve the government, not the other way around. Scott’s experience within the slow-turning wheels of politics gives him a unique view on how our government runs, how it SHOULD be, and how to achieve that necessary change. Scott takes a sledgehammer to this wall of opposition with fervor and righteous anger, but one man can only make a hole so big … that is why he recognizes the real power of is the support of compatriots, patriots who recognize the immense importance of returning to a life of facts, humility, and brotherhood.

Gene asked first, “What do the supporters of the movement mean to you?”

There was no hesitation whatsoever as Scott quickly answered that “they are the lifeblood of the effort.” He is the voice of the movement Scott says, but the real force and power comes from the supporters, the people who rally together in fellowship and celebration of freedom, but also with the somber purpose to expose those who would seek to destroy our great Union. He always takes time to speak with his supporters, but he realizes that the greatest part of his business is to get to meet like-minded citizens who share his love of liberty and the great people who support her.

He is the last person to leave. When on the road, making speeches, or talking intimately with fans and patriots, Scott enjoys being the “last person to leave,” making sure to speak to as many people for as long as he is able. He knows that the connection he shares with them is powerful, but fragile, and the ley line between him and others can only be maintained by ceaseless attention and care. Referring to an anecdote he recently heard, Gene asked Scott to describe his feelings after a situation that led him to miss an opportunity to meet and chat with a few supporters. They were ready to see him after an event, but Scott had to excuse himself for what he thought would be just a moment. That moment took longer than expected, and when Scott returned to their location, dismayed that people had left, either by their own accord or at the behest of the event’s security team. The idea that he might have left someone in the dark or feeling ignored by the lack of interaction was taken as nothing less than personal for him, something that he still thinks about and uses as an impetus to remember who he is really doing all this for. Distraction from the true cause and deception from the enemy lead to dissolution of the effort. Scott realized that he was not fulfilling his soul by just touring and speaking, but that battling to help save the country and his kinsmen was the end game of all his struggles.

By Jim Cathcart

A market is a group of people who have enough in common with each other that you can establish a reputation among them.

Think of marketing as if your target audience were inside a circle. Then perform four steps:

1. Isolate the market. Put a name of your target audience inside a circle.

2. Surround the market. Start showing up everywhere they look in blogs, podcasts, events, conventions, expositions.

3. Penetrate the market. Get one customer, even a tiny one, in this group. Get inside the circle by having a client who can help you know the market better.

4. Permeate the market. Build referrals from one to the next until everyone in that market knows about you and what you can do for them.

There are three types of markets.
Your Natural Market – People you already have access to

A natural market is one you don’t have to go looking for. It’s the people you know and know about. These can be geographic: the people near your shop, near your home, from your school or club; or they can be affiliations: people in your professional association, your church, or any group where you are already connected.

This also includes your friends, neighbors and family members.

Here is a compelling question: How many of the people who you know well; family, close friends, etc., could accurately describe what it is that you do for a living? Chances are good that most of them don’t really know. They might know your title or place of work but it’s doubtful they could accurately describe how much you can help your customers and in what ways.

That is an opportunity just waiting to be fulfilled.

Your Ideal Market – People you dream of getting business from

Think of your perfect customers. Who would that be? I mean truly the perfect, dream customers that you would awaken each day eager to work with. Forget what’s realistic, just write a description of your dream customers. It could be movie stars, race drivers, wealthy people, Olympic athletes, sports icons, grandparents, CPAs, police officers, or motorcycle enthusiasts. You get to choose.

Once you isolate them by writing them down, you can begin to find a path to serving them. But nothing happens until you start the process. Dream it, write it, achieve it.

Your Chosen Market – People you intend to become known and accepted among.

You might have a natural market among schoolteachers but find that they don’t have big enough needs or frequency of buying that would meet your goals. So, instead of focusing on teachers, you can direct your efforts toward the best opportunities.

You might have an auto repair shop and a love of car shows and racing. If so, maybe you could cultivate a base of clients among show car owners and collectors. Perhaps you could meet the pros at some of the racing events you attend and provide a service to them. The more you connect with them the more contacts you make. And it only takes one good contact to open an entire market to you.

The author: Jim Cathcart is a professional Mentor and Hall of Fame inductee in Sales & Marketing plus Professional Speaking. Contact him at

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