The Twitter Question: When Do Birds Sing?

By Scott Zimmerman and Brian Cates

4 thoughts on "The Twitter Question: When Do Birds Sing?"

  1. Terese Trusso says:

    Great work and Thank you!

  2. Judith Rosiek says:

    When they see the light or when the see the darkness befalling,

  3. Starr DiGiacomo says:

    I was suspended from Twitter years ago when I talked about the Podesta Group and how it’s possible that John and Tony get the heads up about kids from Brian Podesta. Oh… they didn’t like that.
    I’ve been back on Twitter with a new fresh account in 2022 and have had carte blanche with posts staying up but I’m guessing that they didn’t want Elon noticing any significant purges of digital soldiers while in negotiations. Can’t wait till FB is destroyed, although everyone knows how corrupt it has been for a while. I wonder what will come of the Google/Elon talks?
    I smell the sweet smell of success for our 1st amendment rights in 2023. Really exciting to be a part of discovery for the propagandized sleepers. Thanks for the article.

  4. Dean Anoia says:

    I wasn’t even notified I was suspended. I just couldn’t log in. I made 4 separate accounts before Elon busted down the door. Once was for Pennsylvania election post. Another was a post I tug Obama in about a certain wedding. (I was nice about it) The third was a second amendment post. Oddly the account with my phone number attached is the one I can’t log into. Enter a second phone number (Not mine lol) So I followed myself and repost myself once in a while.

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