All I Want for Christmas: A J6 Wish List

By April Moss

6 thoughts on "All I Want for Christmas: A J6 Wish List"

  1. Treniss Evans says:

    Thank you for the beautiful article sharing the truth of January 6th Christmas stories. My heart aches for my fellow American citizens.

  2. Michelle La Vergne says:

    Reading this just makes my heart so sad. I am heart broken for your loss. I am Michelle, Devlyns mom. I understand wanting justice, my son was tricked into signing a plea that was not true and his first attorney failed to tell ANYONE my son is autistic. I have not seen my son in a year and a half. I wish I knew how to help him and everyone else. Murders get more compassion and visits. I understand how financially hard this is. We are fighting for our families with the government who has endless amounts of money. I don’t understand this corruption and the lies. I will pray and continue to pray for all of us!

  3. Victory says:

    Excellent article by April Moss!! My heart breaks for these prisoners and their families. The injustice that has been and still ongoing is insane! They are merely using these innocent people as pawns to enforce their tyrannical government. What happened to our freedoms? Our country has been taken over by a tyrannical government. It is our duty to peacefully stand for freedom

  4. David Sumrall says:

    Thank you GEORGE for helping our beloved January 6 heroes, hostages and their families. The public needs the truth so they can get the support they so desperately need, and deserve. There are prayer groups, letters to prisoners, individual fundraisers, and other ways to help J6ers at click on Calls to Action.

  5. Steven Moore says:

    I’m not ashamed to say, that as I read these comments about the dire straights of these men and women, and their families. Tears fill my eyes. I want so badly to do more for all of them and their families. I helped organize in part for J6. Not a single day goes by where I don’t think of something, or some different way to at least try and help. Frankly, this is not meant to sound any other way then it does, but I’d give my life for these men and women at this point. If for nothing else but for the comfort it would bring me to know they are free. They have all suffered far more than enough.

    Prayers are not enough

  6. Barbara Johnson says:

    I was looking forward to reading GEORGE magazine, however the article on January 6th stopped me from reading more. Ashli Babbitt is NOT dead.

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