The Bleak Midwinter

By Henry Archer

6 thoughts on "The Bleak Midwinter"

  1. Rhonda Gann says:

    So very bleak! This world that is talked about in this story is a world I no longer live in, I only occupy the space. The story from the book I would never want to think about nor live that feeling again! This is all thankful to the people that put a stop to this nightmare we didn’t realize we were living in until they opened our eyes. God’s stars are a beacon to my soul now. I’m not going back!

  2. Afiora Mafi-Ho says:

    Amen!! Thank you and Thank God for such a time as this …for we all must come together as one as sovereign being created by God!!

  3. Mary says:

    I remember 1972, 1975. Vietnam war, Nixon. I was pregnant both of those years. I could not watch the news. I was sick to my stomach watching our Military there. Agent Orange. Desert Storm, Clinton centralizing corporations. Loss of jobs, commuting 3/4 hours a day on a van to keep your job.
    Death of our American Prince.
    Navy Seals. Bengazi. 9/11. It goes on. So yes, Sunday gloom in the afternoon was thick and heavy on the mind and stomach. Fighting everyday to make it to the next day. Then we knew nothing (some of us) of the diabolical evil of crimes if Humanity. Waking up is the best thing that has happened. Besides my two children. Forever grateful. We now can come together with GOD, time, nature, truth, healing & love.
    Forever love & gratitude VP John F. Kennedy 🔥Let the light shine forever. 🔥May the HOLY SPIRIT GUIDE YOU ALWAYS. 🔥FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT. 💖

  4. Annette Petrone says:

    I was first introduced to this beautiful lamentable song by Dan Fogelberg on his CD, The First Christmas Morning. It is truly a sad song full of yearning for peaceful and sacred days here on earth. Your missive here is appreciated for its truth and simplicity. Thank you.

  5. B says:

    That ‘feeling’ you’ve had since childhood expressed. I’ve always felt alone in that lonely, dismal feel… not so much now

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