What is FREEDOM?

By Andre Popa

4 thoughts on "What is FREEDOM?"

  1. Tammy Owen says:

    Truth. For those who have or think they have already decided between God and the enemy, if they do not stand up to the enemy, then they, in reality, choose the enemy.
    There needs to be a calibration to all this be kind BS. Or you will find yourself helping set the table as they plan to devour you when you are done.

    1. Andre Popa says:

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. Gordon says:

    Faith in god and knowing he’s in you and sharing that with all who want to listen will always keep you free !!

    1. Andre Popa says:

      I believe we can agree on the fact that it depends on what someone’s faith is based in. I know many believers that live in fear and others that live in true love, and there’s a big difference between what freedom really is and feels like.

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