A Gay Conservative’s Journey from the Left to the Right

By Steve Jameson

5 thoughts on "A Gay Conservative’s Journey from the Left to the Right"

  1. Jill says:

    Thank you so much, Steve, for you excellent testimony! You expressed so well your journey, so similar to mine, from 60’s, 70’s hippie to someone who thanks God multiple times daily for our country and Our Real President Donald J. Trump! When I was growing up, the indoctrination in popular culture had been very strong for decades already, and I was raised by the t.v. set, and had woke teachers (even back then). Thank you again, and please keep writing!!

  2. Katherin Kirkpatrick says:

    Your description rings true. I see more and more friends going through similar realizations that the political paradigm is not what we kidded ourselves that it was. I’d encourage you even to rethink your use of the term “liberal” in reference to the censorious totalitarian movement, for it is not. Nor is “liberal” the opposite of conservatism, as we were wrongly taught. It is our constitutional liberties that are liberal, leaving free choice to the individual. And it is those constitutional liberties which we must fight to conserve, against age-old totalitarianism that disguises itself as “progress.”

  3. Frank says:

    Too bad George couldn’t feature your tees along with this fine article. Thank you, Steve.

    1. george says:

      Steve’s shop and products have a full page ad in George, Issue 5

  4. Trump Sucks says:

    Propagandist. Sounds like ChatBot wrote this drivel. ?

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