Is The Bible True? Filmmaker Trey Smith Investigates

By Rachel Writeside Blonde

4 thoughts on "Is The Bible True? Filmmaker Trey Smith Investigates"

  1. Donna Howard says:

    I love Trey Smith and God in a nutshell.

    Thank you Rachel for this interview with him and all you are doing to keep the spirit of George and JFK Jr with us all, especially during these times.
    Praise God and all Glory to the great awakening movement. DJT is our great leader that keeps us looking forward to the future of our great Nation being Great again. ( MAGA)

  2. Jeff Johnson says:

    I was surprised that Rachel actually attended, maybe under duress, a Kim Clement Event. His prophecies are that of a man who is truly anointed by God, or is a time traveler. Either way, we are living in amazing times for sure and looking forward to seeing other Kim Clement prophecies come to fruition.
    PS, love the magazine and especially look forward to the next issues I’m receiving in the mail from my subscription.

  3. Cherry Landry says:

    We have been in revival for over 4 months! Lives have been radically changed, and over 1200 lives have been saved! Glory to God! Supernatural is now happening. People have been freed from cancer, others are having visions of end times. We are living in the days of revelation. The Lord is revealing all for the world to see, the good and bad. Truth Wins! MAGA! ?????? God Bless You All!
    The doors are always open, no walls of religion!

  4. Lou Marcellino says:

    Thank you for this article and great interview with Trey Smith, Rachel! I have followed Kim Clement’s prophecies and was nothing short of amazed of how he accurately saw, years back, what would be happening in present times. His prophecies about President Trump were always fascinating and I am very much looking forward to the Kim Clement film that Trey will be putting together! Despite the darkness we are in, and the additional darkness to likely to come, I truly believe THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

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