Trump Town Hall Did Not Go Well for CNN

Trump Town Hall Did Not Go Well for CNN  at george magazine

The first town hall ahead of the 2024 election gave another boost to former President and 2024 hopeful Donald Trump and another blow to a desperate mainstream news network. CNN’s ratings have struggled since Trump left office, and Biden’s presidency has been lackluster. As a result, CNN has been in a panic mode in an attempt to boost its ratings. Kaitlan Collins, a former White House correspondent and current CNN co-host, was chosen to moderate the town hall.

As expected, Collins showed total unprofessionalism by acting as an antagonist rather than a moderator. The job of a moderator is not to fact-check or deny what someone says. However, Trump was able to reiterate his talking points, keep the crowd engaged and laughing, and create a disaster that CNN must now try to recover from.

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