Exciting New Magazine Announcement: George Junior!

By Rachel Writeside Blonde & Mattson D

Exciting New Magazine Announcement: George Junior!  at george magazine
Exciting New Magazine Announcement: George Junior!  at george magazine
Exciting New Magazine Announcement: George Junior!  at george magazine

14 thoughts on "Exciting New Magazine Announcement: George Junior!"

  1. Sarah Morishita says:

    This looks great for ages 3-10. How about a magazine for teens? Ages 11-17?

  2. Kamila Nowak says:

    Great idea!

  3. Kim Noftle says:

    Can’t wait to subscribe for the grandkids. Is it on the website? Already a subscriber of George-love it!

  4. BonnieNDavid says:

    WOOO HOOO!!!

    Will be sending to our grandchildren!!!

  5. Kyra Bucklad says:

    Would like to gift for my grandchildren. Looking forward to the release date!

  6. sunshines2 says:

    I’m kind of confused on how that magazine would be for a 3year-old? That’s crazy! Since when would 3-6 year olds read a magazine or want to read a magazine? I don’t understand this generation of people❓ I’m so confused about people anymore❗️ I’m really over it. The insanity is beyond insanity!

  7. Michele Wagner says:

    I really like this Super Idea for our children and grand-children! Thank You Rachel and Matthew ❤💙

  8. Dean Jansen says:

    How do I subscribe?

  9. Lou says:

    Great idea and I have no doubt it will become EXTREMELY popular!!

  10. Beverly Trout says:

    Your brilliant son….with a brilliant mother like you, Rachel, to recognize his gem of an idea !! The”awakening” in motion !!

  11. Linda S Postma says:

    Would like to order soon for my ten grandchildren from my two sons. Thank you

  12. baileybunzh says:

    Phenomenal! Two of the most important lessons to teach the future is about honesty and freedom and the relationship between the two. Empower them with the knowledge of the power in our words, we must manifest truth therefore we have to speak it. And we must learn how to use our words for healing and growth. Too many people play the victim, I am too sick, I can’t do that, They hurt my feelings, Those people are not nice(because they told you the truth and it was not what you wanted to hear), I am owed that, and the lists goes on and on. They are told they are sick, owed, weak etc and they simply accept it! God says different!! Our upcoming generation MUST be taught to fight for what God says is ours. I see this in family whom I love, it requires alot of healing prayer but I will not stop praying. Prayer and leading by example is what I must continue advocating right now. I am excited about this magazine and I am already planning on how I can encorporate this into a weekly Bible School lesson, Scripturally backed by the Word of God. Thank you 😊

  13. Stephanie David says:

    Interested in subscribing for my seven year old grandson. I am a subscriber of George.

  14. Dianne James says:

    thank you George, an alternative to highlights. so excited to purchase for my 4 year old granddaughter!

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