The Blessing of the Simpleminded

By Pastor Bob Joyce

The Blessing of the Simpleminded  at george magazine
The Blessing of the Simpleminded  at george magazine
The Blessing of the Simpleminded  at george magazine

17 thoughts on "The Blessing of the Simpleminded"

  1. Gene+Ho says:


  2. Jenn Penta says:

    Amazing message! God is SO good to us!!

  3. Kevin Chandler says:

    Great article! Amen!

  4. Lisa Slaughter says:

    I love this simple message. I continue to pray for child-like faith. Thank you, Pastor Bob, Gene Ho, and George!

  5. Adrana West says:

    Amazing story but yet a lively experience. Thank you Pastor Bob. I hope there will be more. What a wonderful experience to share.

  6. Donna Lambert says:

    This message is so very powerful even though Pastor Bob has brought Gods simple message of love . It will confound The wise. Too many times we try and take Gods word and twist and turn it to mean something entirely different. When all we have to do is keep it simple and ingest it exactly the way God gave it to us. Simple but Powerful! Thank you God Thank you Pastor Bob!

  7. Peggy wilcox says:

    A very thoughtful and interesting article. The meek shall inherit the earth also comes to mind. Took me many years to understand that. This helps. Thank you Pastor Joyce.

  8. elizabeth diesburg says:

    I Love this article!!! The message here is exactly what every ear needs to hear to open the hearts of the closed minded. Children are a gift of God and where ever the old saying came, children should be seen and not heard, is so far from the truth! Children have genuine love of the heart. That is why The Lord uses the children. Thank you for sharing this wonderful artical by Pastor Bob Joyce.

  9. Terri Gill says:

    Matthew 5:8

    “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

    Thank you Pastor Bob, 🙏❤️💎
    Precious is the blood, that makes us white as snow.

  10. Vicki Smith says:

    Another inspiring and passionate message from a man whom I believe is one of God’s best spokespersons. Pastor Bob has helped to open my eyes and heart week after week and I am so very blessed to have been guided to his ministry. I believe it was God who called me to hear His word through Pastor Bob. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to worship with this man who speaks about Our Lord and Savior with such love and passion.

  11. Diana P Marinova says:

    Thank you! ❤️
    Powerful message!

  12. Joseph Zehrung says:

    Jesus knew what the religious leaders were up to, and He didn’t cut them off or avoid talking to them; He witnessed to them instead, through words and deeds. Even when they stated that He was using the power of Beelzebub He kept teaching, but, switched to parables; that made them really use their heads. Jesus demonstrated God’s Amazing Grace and was driven by Gods Amazing Love. I am so grateful for Gods Amazing Love and Grace.

  13. Kimberly Ann Jahn says:

    I love the message and the Messenger! I hope you have Pastor Bob in every issue!

  14. Karen jolliffe says:

    Another wonderful piece of writing and told so everyone can understand the scriptures which can be complex to understand sometimes .
    Pastor Bob just has that natural gift of understanding towards us children of God and may he continue his spreading the words of the Gospel!
    God Bless .

  15. Cindy Greaves says:

    What a blessing to read the simple words that are so powerful! Love that Pastor Bob brings the Bible to life! To be like a child with a child like faith and be in the presence of Jesus!

  16. Brad says:

    This article is very very humbling. I love how it reminds us to just be simple minded like the young children in order to receive the blessing of God. How I am a blessed man to be able to say that I do know Jesus. I love this article!!

  17. Cynthia Ratliff says:

    Pastor Bob’s teachings are kept simple and truthful. I love that about him. Beautiful article. Thank you Pastor Bob, and Gene Ho!

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