Tulsi Gabbard hammers LA Dodgers for reinviting anti-Catholic group to Pride Night

Fox News contributor Tulsi Gabbard reacted Tuesday to the Los Angeles Dodgers re-inviting an LGBTQ+ group known for its anti-Catholic rhetoric to Pride Night. On “Outnumbered,” the former Hawaii congresswoman said the message being sent is that people of faith “do not matter in this world.”


TULSI GABBARD: It reveals their own hypocrisy and the strength of the fear that is fomented by this cancel culture where they had to go back on it. They rescinded the invitation, and they got a lot of hate for it. And they felt like they had to extend it again. The hate that they are extending not only towards Christians and Catholics, but really the message it is sending towards all people of faith is that you don’t matter in this world. You don’t deserve respect. You don’t deserve the same kind of tolerance that these kinds of groups and people are demanding.  … Whether it’s Christians or Catholics or Hindus or Jewish people, people who of all of these other faiths, all of a sudden it’s okay to be offensive and make a mockery of and degrade and hate. But can you imagine the outrage from Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib if these people were making a mockery of Islam? It would be a completely different story. It just again shows the hypocrisy and the double standard of today’s Democratic Party and those who abide by this so-called woke agenda that stands against freedom in this country and respect.

Tulsi Gabbard hammers LA Dodgers for reinviting anti-Catholic group to Pride Night  at george magazine

Three Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence pose for a selfie during the Gay Pride March in Paris. Thousands of LGBT members and their supporters took part in the Gay Pride March in Paris to celebrate Pride Month.  (Gregory Herpe)

The Dodgers faced initial uproar for inviting the leftwing group of so-called “trans nuns” from their honoree list and then more piling on after it removed them from the list of guests. After LA Pride announced it was pulling out of festivities, the Dodgers did another 180.

“After much thoughtful feedback from our diverse communities, honest conversations within the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and generous discussions with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Los Angeles Dodgers would like to offer our sincerest apologies to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the LGBTQ+ community and their friends and families,” the organization said.

“We have asked the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to take their place on the field at our 10th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night on June 16th. We are pleased to share that they have agreed to receive the gratitude of our collective communities for the lifesaving work that they have done tirelessly for decades.

“In the weeks ahead, we will continue to work with our LGBTQ+ partners to better educate ourselves, find ways to strengthen the ties that bind and use our platform to support all of our fans who make up the diversity of the Dodgers family.”

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