Congressional Black Caucus addresses changes since murder of George Floyd, calls for more action

Congressional Black Caucus addresses changes since murder of George Floyd, calls for more action | The Hill

Congressional Black Caucus addresses changes since murder of George Floyd, calls for more action  at george magazine

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev., center, speaks with reporters about police reform while flanked by RowVaughn Wells, right, mother of Tyre Nichols, who died after being beaten by Memphis police officers, and her husband Rodney Wells, left, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

On the three-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, and one year after President Biden issued reforms for federal officers, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) on Thursday laid out its work in increasing police accountability while also calling for more to be done.

“In the year since President Biden issued the executive order on policing, the Congressional Black Caucus has been leading the effort in Congress to improve public safety and promote police accountability,” Rep. Steven Horsford (D-Nev.), chairman of the CBC, said in a statement.

“The CBC has worked to ensure the Department of Justice would make progress on implementation of key provisions in the president’s executive order by requesting regular status updates and holding meetings with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the DOJ to discuss our public safety agenda and convey the concerns of numerous families and survivors impacted by police encounters – including from the family of George Floyd.”

Earlier this year, the CBC sent a letter to the Justice Department (DOJ) demanding data around the status of Biden’s “Executive Order on Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety.”

The order established a national law enforcement accountability database to track officer misconduct, and created guidance and practices to address mental health crises and improving safety conditions in prisons and jails. 

Earlier this week, members of the CBC including Horsford met with Attorney General Merrick Garland, Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta and Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke to discuss the Justice Department’s progress on these measures. 

“The CBC applauds the DOJ’s commitment to implementation of the executive order – particularly on key provisions that the CBC has communicated to the Biden-Harris Administration will save lives in Black and brown communities,” said Horsford. 

“Those provisions include updating its use of force policies and requirements for body-worn cameras; prohibiting sale and purchase for military-style weapons; providing stronger guidance to states and localities on death in custody investigations; and banning chokeholds and minimizing the use of no-knock warrants.”

Meanwhile, the CBC’s fundraising arm issued a statement honoring the memory of Floyd’s life.

His death, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) said, ignited a global movement and “shined a spotlight on the urgent need for comprehensive police reform, accountability, and meaningful change within our criminal justice system.”

“We commend the activists, organizers, and communities who have tirelessly fought for justice and equality since George Floyd’s death,” the CBCF said. “We recognize the strength and resilience of the Black community and its allies, who continue to push for meaningful reforms and demand an end to the violence and discrimination faced by Black Americans daily.”

The CBCF added that it will remain committed to supporting comprehensive police reform at the federal, state and local levels, particularly legislation that “addresses police misconduct, promotes accountability, and works toward rebuilding trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

“Together, let us work towards a future where every individual, regardless of their race or background, can live free from fear, discrimination, and violence,” the foundation said. “We must turn the collective pain and anger into meaningful change, ensuring the legacy of George Floyd inspires us to build a better and more inclusive America.”


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