Not often are people able to connect and communicate with thousands and thousands of listeners and maintain the sense of humility required of true patriotism. We are happy to present to you our experience with just such a person. In a rare and deeply insightful opportunity, our Editor-In-Chief, Gene Ho, was able to sit at the Mensa Libertatis with none other than the much-accomplished Scott McKay. As a social media influencer, Scott has taken up a mantle that few are willing to even acknowledge … that of Truth and Liberty, no matter the cost.

The man certainly knows how to make an entrance … when on the road, Scott commands the stage from the first instant as he appears wielding a battle axe in his right hand, his firearm safely holstered to his belt, and AC/DC thundering in the tympanis of the crowds’ eardrums.

Scott is busy traveling our great nation on his ‘Advancing the Forkin’ Line’ tour, but he was kind enough to let us know a little about how he sees the state of things and what real patriots like you can do to defend our God-Given liberties. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, but Scott dedicated a substantial portion of his life working within the halls of politics. Carrying with him the inspiration to make our country better than it has ever been, Scott lit out to the territories and shouldered various political assignments including grunt worker, campaign manager, campaign consultant, and Los Angeles GOP Committee member.

After 16 years, he was so disenchanted with the corruption in DC, he gave up his goal of public service and walked away from the world of politics. Being tired of waiting to get things done and blocked by other politicians who claimed to be allies but were only stumbling stones, he knew that he had a mission that could wait no longer … but the road Scott began walking was not without pitfalls. After many years of competitive bodybuilding and owning/operating several high-end fitness & wellness centers, he was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident in 2014 that left him physically disabled. In a situation where many would give up the good fight and cut whatever losses remained, Scott surrendered his health and wellbeing to his higher power.

Through his faith, support, and a mission more important than any other in his life, he went on to reclaim his complete mobility and is now battling harder and hotter than ever for those truths we all hold self-evident. His ideas are, of course, not without opposition. He knows firsthand that the elites who have seized the reigns of our nation are not trying to solve the problems, but to make the problems go away for the “Specials,” those in power who love to think that the citizens serve the government, not the other way around. Scott’s experience within the slow-turning wheels of politics gives him a unique view on how our government runs, how it SHOULD be, and how to achieve that necessary change. Scott takes a sledgehammer to this wall of opposition with fervor and righteous anger, but one man can only make a hole so big … that is why he recognizes the real power of is the support of compatriots, patriots who recognize the immense importance of returning to a life of facts, humility, and brotherhood.

Gene asked first, “What do the supporters of the movement mean to you?”

There was no hesitation whatsoever as Scott quickly answered that “they are the lifeblood of the effort.” He is the voice of the movement Scott says, but the real force and power comes from the supporters, the people who rally together in fellowship and celebration of freedom, but also with the somber purpose to expose those who would seek to destroy our great Union. He always takes time to speak with his supporters, but he realizes that the greatest part of his business is to get to meet like-minded citizens who share his love of liberty and the great people who support her.

He is the last person to leave. When on the road, making speeches, or talking intimately with fans and patriots, Scott enjoys being the “last person to leave,” making sure to speak to as many people for as long as he is able. He knows that the connection he shares with them is powerful, but fragile, and the ley line between him and others can only be maintained by ceaseless attention and care. Referring to an anecdote he recently heard, Gene asked Scott to describe his feelings after a situation that led him to miss an opportunity to meet and chat with a few supporters. They were ready to see him after an event, but Scott had to excuse himself for what he thought would be just a moment. That moment took longer than expected, and when Scott returned to their location, dismayed that people had left, either by their own accord or at the behest of the event’s security team. The idea that he might have left someone in the dark or feeling ignored by the lack of interaction was taken as nothing less than personal for him, something that he still thinks about and uses as an impetus to remember who he is really doing all this for. Distraction from the true cause and deception from the enemy lead to dissolution of the effort. Scott realized that he was not fulfilling his soul by just touring and speaking, but that battling to help save the country and his kinsmen was the end game of all his struggles.

By Gene Ho – Editor in Chief of GEORGE

You know it; it’s like watching a movie, and midway through you’re dying to tell others the ending you’ve already figure out. “Just watch. Any bets that…” And there it is! And it happens just like as you predicted. “Ah, ha!!! I told you!!” And everyone sitting next is just shaking their head because they guessed the same ending. As if YOU had some great insight.

Doesn’t matter how improbable it may seem. Deep inside – you know it – and everyone else does too. Regardless of how you feel about his personality, Donald Trump’s policies were great for America and good for you as well. Be honest with yourself: If you could trade him—straight up—for Joe Biden today, would you?

Nearly everyone has shared their theories. As for me, I love them all. In one corner, you have theories ranging from executive orders that would put the military in control. Conversely, you have scenarios where states would realize, “Oops? We made a mistake. Return these Electoral College votes into the Trump column.” I think I’ve heard nearly all the scenarios. Some, I believe, could be a reality. Others…not so much. Here’s what I think just might be playing out…

What we have seen in the past year is runaway inflation and “a common enemy” (gas prices) worthy to unite Americans. There is always a segment of the population that says, “It’s not the PRESIDENT that set the gas prices!” However, it was Joe Biden who axed the Keystone XL pipeline his first day upon taking control.

Greatly reducing supply while demand remains constant is “Economics 101”; what did he think would happen to the price of gas? Joe knew. They all did and we’re paying the price. Most Americans agree that the President and/or his policies have SOMETHING to do with the gas prices. It’s painful. Even when you’re filling up your tank you play games with yourself. It’s kind of like when you purposely set your clock 10 minutes ahead to “fool” yourself into thinking you are behind on time, just so you can be ahead of time.

I’ve done it. I don’t want the pain of spending $100 to fill up my tank. So, I’ve filled it halfway as if two fifty-dollar “fill-ups” feels better than a hundred-dollar, one-time fill-up. Most Americans have blamed this on Joe Biden. With ALL DUE RESPECT, Mr. Biden… Don’t shoot the messenger…

People have blamed Joe Biden for our economic woes, and I know this. Americans have NEVER been so united. When you are in gas pumps and you have a “Come and Take It” bumper sticker on the back of your car, and the guy next to you has a “COEXIST” bumper sticker? And the guy next to you figures you’re a conservative talking about guns, and you assume he is a liberal? All good… but are we really sworn enemies? You can both be at the pump and agree that we deserve something better than $5/gallon gasoline?

The economy, open borders, Afghanistan debacle, and the other “mistakes” are uniting Americans. I’ve even heard from my left leaning friends who are saying, “I still hate Trump, but I’m going to vote for him next time.”

Here’s another thing… There are some on the right that say that the system is broken and that there is fraud at the ballot boxes. Regardless of how you feel about that, here is what has been going on these past two years: The STATES have been tightening up their voting laws.

Many Americans still falsely believe that the federal elections are all run by the Federal Government. In fact? That is what the “fight” is still about to this day. See – the Federal Government currently doesn’t dictate “how voting is to be done.” There is no magic button that says, “Let’s get rid of voting machines and let’s switch to paper ballots.” There is nothing that says, “Let’s do the “purple thumb” version of voting. You vote, and then you dip your right thumb in purple ink to show you voted.”

I’m hoping that some of these solutions may have their place in due time. But here is the reality…it’s the individual states that have jurisdiction over the federal elections. Each state does it “their way.” For Conservatives? That is what they want. Conservatives want STATES’ RIGHTS.

During the past two years, there has been a plethora of laws in battleground states that have changed. I love that word “plethora.” It reminds me of the “Three Amigos” movie back in the 80’s. “Can you even define ‘plethora’?” Research for yourself. See how many laws that the conservative legislatures in Conservative States have been changed. You don’t need me to tell you; look it up yourself.

There are hundreds of STATE laws that have been changed in battleground states that favor the conservative agenda. Many of these are things that some would think are “no brainers.” Such as requiring a driver’s licenses (or similar ID) to vote.

At the end of the day, many people want Trump back. Ronald Reagan said it best during his reelection bid, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” People could lie, but we can’t really lie to ourselves. Even if you CAN set your clock 10 minutes faster to “trick yourself.” The simplest, most obvious question: “Is America better off than we were two years ago?”

When you find the honest answer in both your mind and your heart, then you will know and tell the future. Just don’t blurt it out to your fellow movie-goers.

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