By Vicky Richter

This article contains disturbing images of human remains.
Be sure to observe age restrictions.

The border crisis isn’t just a problem in Texas border counties, it extends to Brooks County, 70 miles away, where Sheriff Urbino “Benny” Martinez and ranch owners like Dr. Mike Vickers must contend almost daily with the aftermath of the invasion by illegal immigrants into the United States.

Brooks County, a county located in the U.S. state of Texas, with a population of approximately 7,076 people. The county seat is Falfurrias. It is one of the poorest counties in Texas. Much of the county is made up of large ranches.

This county, despite the border with Mexico being 70 miles away, is one of the most used transit points for the thousands of illegal immigrants smuggled into the U.S. undetected and making their way through the Rio Grande Valley. Some illegals from the groups die trying to cross the valley, some from dehydration, and others are silenced for obstructing the group’s passage through the valley.

Children and women are left to die in the desert, many of them raped. Sheriff Martinez and his deputies are trying to deal with the situation daily but with the lack of federal support and masses of people pouring into the county on a daily and weekly basis, it is almost impossible to do so.

One-Man Standing

County Sheriff Urbino “Benny” Martinez has one of the smallest budgets to do his job of protecting the residents of his county. Resources and manpower are lacking to deal with the situation of so many illegals. Martinez hasn’t heard from Washington in a long time. Nightly chases, arrests of smugglers and illegal runners are mostly handled by one deputy. Night vision devices and bulletproof vests are procured and paid for by the police officers themselves.

How long have you been sheriff of Brooks County?

Sheriff Martinez: I’ve been the sheriff for Brooks County the last six years.

How many deputies do you have? How big is your county?

Sheriff Martinez: The county is 944 square miles. I usually operate with one deputy that handles that. But I do have a commander—and I’m including everyone here; the commander and the captain—one deputy that handles the calls themselves. I have a couple of CID guys. Let me see … five, maybe six.

How many illegals do you encounter in a week, alive or dead? How many do you have to pursue? Are there some who will find you?

Sheriff Martinez: Well, it varies based on actual interaction. We can interact with between 50 to 80. But you’re talking about a week, so we’re looking at anywhere between 80 and 100. What we do varies because sometimes we have bailouts and we only can apprehend maybe 2 possibly 3 out of the 20 who ran out of the truck, so it’s hard to say. Actual contact … it could be 3 versus 17 getaways. I would say anywhere between 80 to 100 in a week, which was your original question.

Does your staff have adequate and proper equipment to serve in this situation, to fulfill their service and complete their job in a safe manner?

Sheriff Martinez: No, of course not. I’d probably need to at least double what I have. If I had between 15 and 20 boots on the ground, that would be much more efficient than what I have now. It would double the resources. As it is, we rely a lot on Border Patrol to help us. We also rely on state police and local city police because we simply don’t have adequate resources.

Does your staff receive proper gear from the State, or do they have to purchase the proper gear themselves?

Sheriff Martinez: We get the gear as frequently as we can. Is the proper gear what they have? Yes. But does it get outdated? Yes. Do we have the funds to upgrade? No, so we rely on grants and other resources for them to get the gear that is needed.

Do you get adequate support from the federal government?

Sheriff Martinez: Well, the support we get from the federal government is simply grant monies to help Border Patrol, to be a force multiplier with Border Patrol. It’s what those monies are for, right? Those are the only funds. We’re lacking the monies the county lost. It’s been 10 years since we lost almost $700,000 on recovering bodies. We’ve been trying to recover those bodies and to no avail. It’s just one of those things that we need to keep at until we get those funds back.

Valley of Death

Rio Grande Valley residents call it the Valley of Death because has become a tragic routine for many ranch owners to find human remains or bodies on their properties. One of the deputies’ main duties has become to recover human remains and bodies from surrounding ranches and categorize them forensically as much as possible. Extra training has even been required for deputies to perform this task. Since the Biden Administration, the number of body discoveries has increased by 250 percent in 2021 compared to 2020.

What percentage of increase in dead bodies have you seen in the last 10 years?

Sheriff Martinez: How many have we seen in the last 10 years in person? Percentagewise, in the last 10 years? It’s over 50, 60 percent, maybe more, because it varies. On average, we’re at 80 percent. That’s the average. At times, we’ll see maybe 20, 30 even 80 percent above that. That’s what we’re seeing if you look at it percentagewise.

Why do some people call your valley “The Valley of Death”?

Sheriff Martinez: Yes, some people call it that because we’ve recovered over 900 dead since 2009. We’ve recovered 180 bodies in the last 20 months. That’s why they call it ‘Death Valley’, because we’re 70 miles north of the border and some just can’t make it. This morning we found a little girl that was left behind yesterday. We found her, she was still alive and once she received a bit of medical care, she did well. I say she did well because she’s alive, so that’s a good thing. That’s truly a good thing. Or she would have been another statistic for us.

Not only does the sheriff’s team have to deal with the collateral damage of the border crisis, but ranchers live with this tragedy daily. Can you imagine what they face finding women and children left behind or their remains on their property … it’s heartbreaking.

Deceived and left alone by the government

Washington DC has been trying for months to convince citizens in the United States that the situation on

the border is under control and that not a single American citizen has been negatively affected by this crisis. However, the fact is that many American citizens, especially ranchers, are being negatively affected.

Thousands of feet of fencing are damaged weekly and must be paid for by the landowners themselves, which can be $1000 to $2000 a month per ranch, in addition to the cost of lost, injured or killed livestock. Destroyed gates and stolen pick-up trucks are now part of the ranchers’ daily routine. Not to forget the tragic loss of life.

Dr. Mike Vickers is one of the ranchers who must live with these problems. To keep some control, he trained his German Shepherds to provide security for his property, they are trained to take illegals into custody and make sure they don’t run away until the Border Patrol or Sheriff come to arrest them.

What is the size of your ranch?

Dr. M. Vickers: This ranch is 1000 acres.

How many times in a week do you find illegals who have died on your property?

Dr. M. Vickers: Not weekly, but we have some. The ranch south of me is 110,000 acres and the one north is over 48,000 acres, so collectively there are a lot.

How many unaccompanied children do you find?

Dr. M. Vickers: We find a lot of unaccompanied children

Your German Shepherds are a huge help in keeping your property safe – how many criminal illegals would you say they’ve helped put in custody?

Dr. M. Vickers: The dogs have helped with over 800 illegals, now in custody, just in

our house pastures.

How high are your monthly costs to rebuild the fences around your property?

Dr. M. Vickers: Fence repairs run $1000 to $2000 per month.

Do you get any support from the federal government?

Dr. M. Vickers: None. No financial support from the State or Federal government.

No longer the America that once was ….

The mainstream media and federal government talk about the best America in a long time, not everyone sees it in Brooks County.

Do you think the U.S. has changed since this border crisis got out of control?

Sheriff Martinez: Absolutely changed. Some people might not admit or talk about it, but yeah, of course it’s changed. Anytime you see the influx as it is, as you’re coming in, your infrastructure is going to hurt because the infrastructure is not built to that. You can’t build that fast to meet the expectations of those coming in. So, it has absolutely changed.

It’s one of those issues that if you don’t have the infrastructure to support it, you’re going to see a change; the volume, the medical care, the resources that you need, your community service resources, et cetera, et cetera. Even the schools are going to have to improvise for that also. Housing. Everything that anyone, any family member goes through, it’s just been quadrupled or more just because of the influx of people.

Do you feel safe on your property?

Dr. M. Vickers: Only feel safe when well-armed.

Do you think the border crisis is more an invasion than a crisis?

Sheriff Martinez: At this point, you can probably call it that simply because of the volume of people coming in. There’s too many of them. It goes back to what I said earlier. Not enough resources to house all of them or medical resources to assist in their care. Anything that we use as a norm, is not a norm for them. That must be sped up, put in the front row so they can be treated and be taken care of, not only in terms of education, but also in terms of wellness and health issues. It’s just too overwhelming right now to say that we have everything in place to take care of them.

Do you think the open border policy is a betrayal to the American people?

Dr. M. Vickers: Open Borders are a huge betrayal to all Americans.

By MargieDown through the ages Man has longed for Peace…

By Sheila Holm

Photo by Robert Agee

The Pilgrims designed and paid for the Faith Monument.

The monument is based upon FAITH in the heavenly Father and the Bible. That is why FAITH is at the top of the monument, pointing to heaven and holding the Bible.

Photo by Sheila Holm

With FAITH, the four pillars of the Faith Monument are: MORALITY, LAW, EDUCATION and LIBERTY. The four basic pillars are identified and explained to help us learn how to live our daily life in truth, learning how to obtain and retain liberty and freedom in America.
The pillars are the basis of the scripture: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6
The Pilgrims set this plan in motion by banning all pagan feasts and festivals which were celebrated in Europe. They lived under tyranny which became worse generation by generation.

The ‘American Experiment’ is the term used often because the Pilgrim plan was not passed on generation to generation. The Pilgrims hoped future generations in America would remain separate and set apart from the world and not align with the world and allow evil to enter in and create tyranny in America to the point it would overtake America.  

Their hope was for the people in America to learn the truth and live in truth regarding MORALITY, LAW, EDUCATION and LIBERTY per the Bible so the future generations would be able to retain Liberty and Freedom on the land. Their passion was evident in everything they did, from establishing colonies to writing state constitutions. 

The Pilgrim plan was a 500-year plan. It was developed by the Pilgrims who knew how powerful it was for them to be able to read a bible in English. The translation did not happen until William Tyndale translated the bible and smuggled copies to England in 1535.  

Often, I am asked: “Where is the 500 year Pilgrim plan ‘written down’?” 

The answer is easy: The Pilgrim Plan is revealed by their design and descriptions on the granite Faith Monument. It is a simplified plan to help us know how to obtain and retain Liberty and Freedom. 

Photo by Robert Agee

The Faith Monument was not erected until 1889.
The title which appears on the front of the monument confirms the title was changed to A National Monument to the Forefathers, Erected by a Grateful People.
Nobody was credited with providing the monument, a monument which is hidden from the people and even the main streets in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Pilgrim Society paid for the monument.

The Pilgrims designed the monument.

The Pilgrim Society paid for the monument.

The Pilgrims identified FAITH as the title of the monument.

The Pilgrims are not mentioned and their efforts are not identified on the monument.
Governor William Bradford’s wife fell overboard and drowned in quiet water after the Mayflower anchored in Cape Cod, a short distance from Plymouth. He continued and became an amazing leader of the Pilgrims and the Colony.
Many of the Pilgrims traveled without their family members.
More than half of the people on the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, businessmen and crew, died during the first winter.
The Faith Monument confirms the commitment of the Pilgrims and their desire for America to be a land where people would be able to live free from tyranny, obtain and retain Liberty and Freedom on the land for their generation and future generations.
In future issues of George, the four pillars of the Faith Monument will be shared, pillar by pillar along with each of the sections of the monument between the pillars.

Additional information is available in Sheila Holm’s books, especially in For The Sake Of America I-V book series available on the web site: .

Sheila Holm is an author and speaker focused on the goal to Save America, an international business coach, a former owner of a corporation after a career as a corporate director.

Eight months in, Eric Adams TALKS about his experience, and that he knows what the crime problem is. He just doesn’t DO ANYTHING about it.”

By George Young

God, I miss Rudy Giuliani.

You can make as much fun of the elder statesman as you like, but if you lived in NYC in the 70s and 80s (Yes, I did), you would understand what a brilliant job he performed.

Times Square was the pornography and prostitution center of the universe.

Central Park was nowhere to be at night . . . or even during the day.

The Bronx lost so many residents and buildings to urban blight, crime, and occupancy flight the city lost track of the number of empty apartments.

The subways were graffiti-covered homages to the disappearance of civic and community pride.

The municipal unions were out of control.

An endless (seemingly, anyway) parade of inept Democratic mayors from Wagner through Dinkins made the situation worse with each term.

These mayors from Central Casting made brilliant speeches, dressed well and looked good in public.

But each mayor DID NOTHING.

The city, desperate for a solution, tossed out David Dinkins after one term, and elected Rudy Giuliani.

By the time he finished his second term, Times Square put Disneyland to shame; Central Park could be traversed in the dark; and the subways took a shower and showed up for work, if not on time, certainly more conscientiously.

The usual malcontents, the ones who elect substance abusing dopes like Bill de Blasio and box-checking glad handers like Eric Adams howled about the City as Police State. They lampooned the safe, fun, and entertaining Times Square. They groused about the lack of personality in Central Park.

And at the first opportunity, after a fine 12-year management job by Michael Bloomberg, they installed the Body by Entenmann’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio.

In less than eight years, NYC returned to the unsafe, crime-infested urban area of the 70s and 80s. People left. Jobs disappeared. The pandemic was badly handled. Riots broke out in the name of justice. Billions of dollars of property were destroyed. And our bloated Mayor painted “Black Lives Matter” on Fifth Avenue.

Ironic, since the famous thoroughfare received the brunt of the SJW wrath in the Summer of 2020.

In 2021, Mayor de Blasio was termed out. On the campaign trail Eric Adams boasted of his credentials as a former police captain. He knew the city. He knew how to fix the crime problem.

Eight months in, Eric Adams TALKS about his experience, and that he knows what the crime problem is.

He just doesn’t DO ANYTHING about it.

It took more than three decades and five mayors before the residents of Manhattan had enough and voted for a Republican. In less than five years, that member of the GOP returned the city to its former greatness.

Do we have decades to wait?

Can we handle three more inept, smooth-talking, flashy dressing, Do Nothings at Gracie Mansion?

Wise up, New York City.

It’s not too late.


By Gene Ho – Editor in Chief of GEORGE

You know it; it’s like watching a movie, and midway through you’re dying to tell others the ending you’ve already figure out. “Just watch. Any bets that…” And there it is! And it happens just like as you predicted. “Ah, ha!!! I told you!!” And everyone sitting next is just shaking their head because they guessed the same ending. As if YOU had some great insight.

Doesn’t matter how improbable it may seem. Deep inside – you know it – and everyone else does too. Regardless of how you feel about his personality, Donald Trump’s policies were great for America and good for you as well. Be honest with yourself: If you could trade him—straight up—for Joe Biden today, would you?

Nearly everyone has shared their theories. As for me, I love them all. In one corner, you have theories ranging from executive orders that would put the military in control. Conversely, you have scenarios where states would realize, “Oops? We made a mistake. Return these Electoral College votes into the Trump column.” I think I’ve heard nearly all the scenarios. Some, I believe, could be a reality. Others…not so much. Here’s what I think just might be playing out…

What we have seen in the past year is runaway inflation and “a common enemy” (gas prices) worthy to unite Americans. There is always a segment of the population that says, “It’s not the PRESIDENT that set the gas prices!” However, it was Joe Biden who axed the Keystone XL pipeline his first day upon taking control.

Greatly reducing supply while demand remains constant is “Economics 101”; what did he think would happen to the price of gas? Joe knew. They all did and we’re paying the price. Most Americans agree that the President and/or his policies have SOMETHING to do with the gas prices. It’s painful. Even when you’re filling up your tank you play games with yourself. It’s kind of like when you purposely set your clock 10 minutes ahead to “fool” yourself into thinking you are behind on time, just so you can be ahead of time.

I’ve done it. I don’t want the pain of spending $100 to fill up my tank. So, I’ve filled it halfway as if two fifty-dollar “fill-ups” feels better than a hundred-dollar, one-time fill-up. Most Americans have blamed this on Joe Biden. With ALL DUE RESPECT, Mr. Biden… Don’t shoot the messenger…

People have blamed Joe Biden for our economic woes, and I know this. Americans have NEVER been so united. When you are in gas pumps and you have a “Come and Take It” bumper sticker on the back of your car, and the guy next to you has a “COEXIST” bumper sticker? And the guy next to you figures you’re a conservative talking about guns, and you assume he is a liberal? All good… but are we really sworn enemies? You can both be at the pump and agree that we deserve something better than $5/gallon gasoline?

The economy, open borders, Afghanistan debacle, and the other “mistakes” are uniting Americans. I’ve even heard from my left leaning friends who are saying, “I still hate Trump, but I’m going to vote for him next time.”

Here’s another thing… There are some on the right that say that the system is broken and that there is fraud at the ballot boxes. Regardless of how you feel about that, here is what has been going on these past two years: The STATES have been tightening up their voting laws.

Many Americans still falsely believe that the federal elections are all run by the Federal Government. In fact? That is what the “fight” is still about to this day. See – the Federal Government currently doesn’t dictate “how voting is to be done.” There is no magic button that says, “Let’s get rid of voting machines and let’s switch to paper ballots.” There is nothing that says, “Let’s do the “purple thumb” version of voting. You vote, and then you dip your right thumb in purple ink to show you voted.”

I’m hoping that some of these solutions may have their place in due time. But here is the reality…it’s the individual states that have jurisdiction over the federal elections. Each state does it “their way.” For Conservatives? That is what they want. Conservatives want STATES’ RIGHTS.

During the past two years, there has been a plethora of laws in battleground states that have changed. I love that word “plethora.” It reminds me of the “Three Amigos” movie back in the 80’s. “Can you even define ‘plethora’?” Research for yourself. See how many laws that the conservative legislatures in Conservative States have been changed. You don’t need me to tell you; look it up yourself.

There are hundreds of STATE laws that have been changed in battleground states that favor the conservative agenda. Many of these are things that some would think are “no brainers.” Such as requiring a driver’s licenses (or similar ID) to vote.

At the end of the day, many people want Trump back. Ronald Reagan said it best during his reelection bid, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” People could lie, but we can’t really lie to ourselves. Even if you CAN set your clock 10 minutes faster to “trick yourself.” The simplest, most obvious question: “Is America better off than we were two years ago?”

When you find the honest answer in both your mind and your heart, then you will know and tell the future. Just don’t blurt it out to your fellow movie-goers.

My name is Chepita Morales, and I am a 1st generation American, that was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1958 and later Naturalized a US citizen. I grew up in a very poor family of 6 girls, 3 older, and 2 younger, my mother, and a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic father who kept our family broke and without food because of his addiction. I remember going to sleep many nights extremely hungry. It also didn’t help that my country was under the control of the Somoza family, a puppet regime put in place by the American Govt. whose military wreaked havoc on the people.

In December of 1971, after just turning 13, was when my mother seized an opportunity for me to escape this life. An American Diplomat who had made friends with my older sisters, convinced her to let me return with him, as legal guardian, to Washington DC to live with his family and attend school. So, she let me go, not knowing what would befall me there.

Pedophilia began almost immediately as he would sexually fondle me while I was asleep. I’d wake up thinking that I was dreaming, but 4 months later, reality set in when he actually raped me. I was all alone, a scared young girl, not even knowing what sex was, without my mother, or anyone to hear my crying and comfort me. Things changed from poverty to perversion. I became very upset with the God I knew and wondered, ‘was this going to be my new life now?’

In July of 1973, the US Govt. sent us on assignment to Chile. On Sept 11, a US backed military coup began with Augusto Pinochet seizing control of the country from Salvador Allende. Curfews were instituted, food shortages, toilet paper, and bread lines began, and at 14, I personally witnessed the execution of many college students who lived across the street, suspected of having ties to Allende’s Marxist movement.

From Chile, we were sent to Peru. The Marxist terrorists were already slowly infiltrating the country. Not knowing the type of assignment we were on, I was surprised to see the Marxist terrorists show up at our front door with guns drawn. We hid until they left, and had to escape the next day, being evacuated back to Washington DC.

We remained in DC until he retired and then moved to Miami. It was there that after many years pretending to be his adopted daughter that he coerced me into marriage once I had turned 18.

While living in Miami, my life took another twist when I fell in love with a young Air Force guy. I was still married at the time, but 11 months later I divorced the old man, married my new husband and had a baby girl. In 1998 I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and became His Ambassador of the Gospel. Having now the Mind of Christ, He gave me the wisdom and understanding to realize that all I had been through was according to His plan and purpose, albeit painful.

Armed with the knowledge of these life experiences, I see what our political leaders are doing to America, and it angers me. As a legal Latina, I took the oath to defend our Constitution, and I will participate in the political system to effect changes. In 2020, I wrote a fingerprint ID bill using the website for the purpose of stopping voter fraud and submitted it to our State Representative to forward to Congress. I am also using my business as a platform to share the gospel, my story, and that there is only one America, blessed by God, and she is still worth fighting for!

While it is certainly true that Christ Himself must be the object of our faith (Acts 16:31 ), Paul makes it abundantly clear that we must believe something about Christ in order to be saved. That is, faith in Christ includes believing correctly about His person and His work. And to believe means: that upon which a man or woman is prepared to act. Or to put it more simply: believe is to accept as true, to accept as real!

If we are going to base our knowledge of God’s salvation upon God’s Book, the Bible, if we are going to act for time and eternity in this most important of all transactions and receive from God His salvation, then let us believe the fact…that is, “that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 . Therefore, the redemptive work of Christ is a finished work so far as the salvation of man’s soul is concerned; and we must know that He will return for the redemption of the body; to save man, soul and spirit. Now by believing, we are going to receive this last statement and this next statement at full face value, without discount, without even the shadow of a doubt, without question or criticism…“By His own blood He entered in ONCE into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.”

The fact is, that by the work of God, (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), there has been accomplished and there is available: for any and every sinner who believes the record that God gave of His Son, an accomplished redemption, a perfect salvation. And we shall see by the same Divine authority the further fact that this perfect salvation can be had by the believing sinner without any additional work, religious endeavor or church ceremony.

For any and every sinner who believes the record that God gave of His Son, there is an accomplished redemption, a perfect salvation, available

The redemptive work of Christ is a finished work so far as the salvation of man’s soul is concerned.

To the dear lost soul who may have come across this page, I beg you, in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.

Believe the message “that Christ died for your sins according to the scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures” (I Cor. 15:3-4).

This is the gospel!

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By Writeside Blonde

Though some still delegate what songs make it on their road trip playlist, others fill their headspace with a fresh kind of news and entertainment while on commutes, podcasts. I remember when I heard about this idea about 20 years ago, back when mp3 players were making their debut. We are so used to the polished sort of information, the kind that is sternly shared from behind business attire. Back then, the concept of normal people commanding the airwaves to share their knowledge with the world did not seem like the kind of idea that would be successful long term.

Boy, was I wrong.

Running a search today on any streaming platform will bring you thousands of online podcast options, ranging from topics like motivational business tips, murder mystery stories, ghost tales, to learning how to speak another language. Want to learn German? French? Spanish? Japanese? Italian? _______ (fill in the blank), you get the point. The options seem endless!

Everyone (and their cats and dogs) has a podcast these days. The notion that anyone can be a motivational speaker, even if said person has no experience in leading anything other than people to his or her podcast, is a familiar one. Despite this, creators have achieved success from simply sharing what they know.

We are a busy bunch. People like to multitask. Why not learn how to speak French while driving to work or folding laundry. In-laws coming over this weekend? Learn how to cook a gourmet meal over your lunch break. When you take our busy lifestyles into account, the convenience of listening while completing other tasks, is priceless. Most offer the option to listen or watch if you find the time.

Distrust for the mainstream media has led new viewers away from the tried and oftentimes not-so-true, to the raw, authentic type of news as well. When stories we were told on evening news did not match up with what Citizen Journalists were discovering, credibility was instantly on the chopping block. Gone are the days of blindly trusting corporate media, and that is not a terrible thing. You know the saying. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The entire model of information dispersing has shifted. Americans are the news now. Through podcasts and other online mediums, we can share what is happening in real time easily from our smart phones. 

Though its clear most pertinent topics have a wide array of coverage, with the ever-changing landscape of technology and the way business is done now more will inevitably emerge. Come to think of it, I did not see a podcast that covered how to draft an article about podcasts. Maybe … I should start one.

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