by Scott Zimmerman

It’s very, very troubling to discover that nearly everything I’ve ever watched, read, or heard from the news media—during my entire six decades of existence—has pretty much been lies fabricated by my own government.

I’ve been hosting regular weekly zoom meetings with a group of highly intelligent participants. These zoom meetings last for hours and cover a variety of topics and current issues. I can freely say this group is comprised of the smartest people I’ve ever met. One of our main topics of interest is the marked difference between the stories that mainstream media (MSM) reports and what our research uncovers. Honest reflection regarding the accuracy of reporting causes us to ask ourselves more questions than sharing the answers we were “told/sold”. In this article, I will share with you MSM stories from the past six years and contrast them against real research by a group of citizens who have no agendas, no financial gains, and no conflicts of interest.

Elsewhere within this issue is a separate article that does a great job of exposing “Operation Mockingbird”; a long-standing CIA program working in conjunction with the MSM to create false narratives.

Considering so much deception and disinformation being transmitted these days, my goal is to help you by getting you to ask yourself good questions and arrive at your own conclusions, instead of having “facts” being spoon-fed to you by others.

The most common question that we raised was, “How is it possible for all of MSM to get every single story wrong for six full years?”

We discussed the MSM’s relentless push regarding “Ukraine collusion”. Then President Trump was being specifically attacked for applying pressure to Zelensky to supposedly “manufacture evidence” of the Biden’s true relationships with Ukraine. This is the story we were sold, but we kept digging for more answers.

One of the most striking videos we found was President Biden freely admitting, on camera, that he threatened to withhold a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine if Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, was not fired and replaced. “Why is that any business of Joe Biden?”, we wondered. It turned out that Mr. Shokin was investigating Burisma Group, a huge energy company with addresses listed in both Cyprus and their capital, Kyiv. Shokin was homing in on the odd relationship between the company and one of their Board Members, Hunter Biden.

Here is the actual video (Important note: Mr. Biden was the sitting Vice President of the United States at the time of his accidental confession):–dj2-CY

We also learned that Hunter was being paid more than $80,000/month, and eventually even some of the MSM were forced to report it (but tried to bury the story, especially leading up to the 2020 Presidential election):

I watched a very important press conference about an hour prior to the final Presidential debate between Mr. Biden and President Trump. Tony Bubolinski shared that he was business partners with both Hunter and his uncle, James Biden, and revealed hard evidence of their under-the-table dealings with foreign countries, and specifically named China. He also stated that he had proof of Joe Biden’s knowledge (and blessings) of their illegal business transactions. Mr. Bubolinski presented three cell phones and shared that all the hard evidence of the Biden family colluding with the Chinese government was contained within these phones from the years 2015-2018. He specifically said that there are voicemails, emails, texts, private messages, and every other thing that would be required to prove the crimes committed by the Biden family.

I found it odd that Mr. Bubolinski turned the phones over to the FBI, received assurances that they would follow up with him within a week, but never heard back from them to this day. Bubolinski recently shared this information in his interview with Tucker Carlson. The video of the press conference disappeared from the MSM along with the evidence given to the FBI. Poof! Gone.

Here is the actual press conference and you can judge for yourself if this man is lying or telling the truth:

As of the time of this writing, one of the hot topics among my research group is, “Why is the Biden administration flooding Ukraine with tens of billions of our tax dollars?” Our consensus? “Follow the money!” If the Bidens and other politicians were enriching themselves before the Russia/Ukraine ordeal, imagine how that is working out now that they’re funneling a never-ending flow of monies that cannot be traced nor accounted for! It’s ironic that more than $75BB is sent to guard Ukraine’s border, but the same Congresspeople and Senators fought Trump tooth and nail—for more than two years—to deny him a paltry $5BB to protect our own border! Ask yourself why certain Republicans also got behind the funding of Ukraine’s “war” so quickly.

If the FBI and the MSM were willing to bury these stories, how hard would they have to work to bury the world’s biggest smoking gun known as “Hunter Biden’s laptop?”

Just a few weeks prior to the 2020 election, the New York Post reporter, Miranda Devine, wrote a feature article regarding Hunter’s laptop. For a couple of days, it was all my group could discuss. We were most pleased that the truth had finally come out in the media, but our joy was short-lived. In short order, the New York Post’s Twitter account was suspended and the story disappeared from the Internet. Mine and many other large Twitter accounts were immediately shadow banned for even mentioning “Hunter”, “Biden”, or “laptop”. We agreed that the MSM was being painted into a “lose/lose” decision: Either report on the hard evidence of Biden family crimes (and cost them the election) or bury the story. They chose the latter. Time will tell, but if or when the evidence is revealed that MSM outlets had evidence and hid it, is that journalism or something much more sinister?

Amazingly, Miranda Devine’s book was written, published and released a full year before the media even began hinting that the Biden family was possibly in trouble. I have no dog in the hunt but will tell you that “The Laptop from Hell” is one riveting read.

The FBI, who never followed up with Mr. Bubolinski, also hid the laptop evidence they possessed. Recent stories are now emerging that it was the FBI itself that approached Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and told him that the laptop was comprised of Russian disinformation and strongly suggested that FaceBook censor all pertinent information. Sadly, as I was sharing information like this on my Twitter and FaceBook accounts, I soon was deleted from both social media platforms. Unfortunately, so were nearly all my patriotic friends.

Here’s the article/interview of Mr. Zuckerberg admitting to the collusion with the FBI:

Before and after the 2020 election, we were researching and posting our findings on Twitter: only 33 of us working shoulder-to-shoulder. We were posting facts that we researched that opposed the MSM narrative. On January 8, 2021, just prior to Biden’s inaugural address, tens of thousands of patriotic Twitter accounts were erased in the blink of an eye. Poof! Gone.

Prior to being eradicated from the Twitter Universe, our small group had amassed a collective following of more than 1.4 million people and earning more than 1.5 billion monthly impressions. Simply put, a small group of unpaid citizens had gained more credibility and impressions on our postings than all the other MSM organizations combined! On Twitter, we blew past the monthly views of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC collectively! It’s no wonder why they wanted us silenced. It turns out that people were turning off their televisions and scouring the Internet for “real news”. Many of them found us and are still eagerly searching out “alternative news”.

Now, nearly two years after the election, what is finally “leaking” into the MSM narratives? Hunter’s laptop, Zuckerberg’s confession about the FBI meetings and the subsequent censoring, and the real colluders with Ukraine and China. The size and scope of the swamp is starting to boggle your mind, isn’t it? It took even more members of the deep state to help put a shine on the diamond called propaganda.

Let’s have a look at MSM’s misdirection from a higher vantage point, shall we? This has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats; there’s plenty of slimy rats on both sides of the aisle. Think bigger. Much, much bigger. This is good fighting evil. Decent citizens, worldwide, working in teams to uncover the lies and deceptions of governments, media, big tech, and big pharma colluding to control the narratives, and by extension, all of us ordinary people. We are now fully engaged in the war of information!

How many of you have been following the trials conducted by Special Counsel and Federal Prosecutor, John Durham? How many of you have even heard of him? If not, why not? Those of us digging independently have been watching him and his team like a hawk for years. Don’t be surprised at what he’s exposing today and will continue to expose. Here’s one small sample…

During the Michael Sussman trial, Robby Mook, former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, admitted that she knew and approved of the “leak” to the MSM; falsely pinning Russian collusion on the Trump administration. She did so in the months leading up to the 2016 election against Trump.

Even CNN themselves were forced to finally report the undeniable truth:

As I write this today, Mr. Durham has just launched another trial with charges filed against Igor Danchenko. Hopefully, truths will begin surfacing about his affiliation with the FBI, Perkins Coie (the law firm that served as the buffer between Hillary and Christopher Steel), and other evidence that the Clinton Team and the DNC—in collusion with the MSM—tried to hide from you. Oh, by the way, the same Michael Sussman I mentioned earlier was one of the partners of Perkins Coie and he resigned within hours of learning that the Durham team found evidence and was pressing charges. While Sussman was only charged with smaller crimes, the trial produced the exact outcome Mr. Durham wanted: Hillary’s own campaign manager throwing her under the bus.

If you want more evidence of MSM stations colluding to share the same false narratives, watch this two-minute video of CNN desperately trying to spin a video that went viral. It proved that there is no more “real reporting”, and journalism has died. We no longer have reporters; we have talking heads that only read what is fed into their teleprompters. Enjoy:

Every local reporter reading the same story—word-for-word—made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I’ll never forget the first time I saw that, and it fueled me to team up with other patriots to start digging in “groups”. We haven’t slowed down a bit in more than four years, and in future articles I will share with you our findings in other areas regarding:

I hope I’ve shared just enough to make you curious to both question your own beliefs and to also start digging for your own truths/evidence. Me and my friends have been digging furiously for years, and we aren’t ever going to stop!

About the Author: Scott Zimmerman had the vision to combine his cutting-edge marketing technology with Dr. Tony Alessandra’s proven sales psychology. The result was a proprietary communication platform that could automatically send customized marketing messages that matched each recipient’s interests and even their personality type. Today, that platform has evolved into a done-for-you service that helps salespeople and professional service providers build—and maintain—meaningful relationships with (literally) hundreds of their clients, prospects, colleagues, and referral partners.

Scott invested his career in the study of graphic design, branding, positioning, psychology (as related to influence) business-to-business selling and one-to-one marketing.

Also in 2005, they co-authored “The Platinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery”, which was recently voted Top 50 sales books by Top Selling Magazine. Scott and Dr. Alessandra went on to write additional books on entrepreneurship and trade show marketing.

Today, Scott is helping build a team of marketing and sales experts in a new company called Cyrano Service. They help sales teams and professional service providers build strong personal brands and provide them with one-on-one coaching, mentoring and tools to help them with their personal and professional development. Scott also enjoys crafting custom webinars and keynote speaking. To reach Scott: [email protected] or via cell: 330-618-4251

By Michelle Marin

As the world opens to the endless possibility of travel, exotic international destinations are surely making their way onto your bucket list. But, before you pack your passport, dare to discover what is right in front of you, stateside.

It would be easy to dismiss Florida as a cliché travel destination. To do so would be missing a remarkable journey through the often-overlooked gems that make the Sunshine State what it is. Beyond obvious theme parks and tourist attractions lie off the beaten path adventures, rich history, and avant-garde glam that will leave even the most seasoned traveler returning for more. So, I would be remiss not to share what locals know and love about this enthralling state.

It only makes sense to begin your sojourn at the inception of our country, St. Augustine. A short forty miles from Jacksonville Airport takes you to our Nation’s Oldest City. Founded by Spanish admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés over four hundred years ago, St. Augustine is a paradox of European flavor and good ole Southern charm. To truly immerse yourself in the romance and history of the quaint city, stay at The Collector. Time seems to stand still amid leisurely strolls along brick-paved streets, horse-drawn carriage rides, and sunset sails along the peaceful Intracoastal. History comes alive around every corner – quite literally. Visit Castillo de San Marcos Fortress for historical reenactments and daily cannon firings. Even gourmands of the group will be pleasantly surprised by St. Augustine’s ever evolving foodie scene. For a taste of innovative Southern fare sourced from local growers check out The Floridian.

When you are ready to trade nostalgia for nature, head just two hours south to the Space Coast. This is the ‘real’ Florida. It does not take an ecologist to fall in love with Mother Nature’s ineffable display of natural beauty, from the C anaveral National Seashore to the St. Johns River. Ranked eleventh in the world for Eco-tourism destinations, the Space Coast is home to an abundance of rare and endangered wildlife and plants. You will be able to take part in adventures as unique as the coastal wetlands. For an indescribable experience, book a night paddle or kayaking trip along the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon is one of the only places in the world that you will find bioluminescent waters. Spot bottlenose dolphins, manatees, and fish as planktons cast a magical glow in the waters. For an exhilarating look into the marshes and swamps along the St. Johns River, venture out on an airboat ride. Get an up-close look at gators, birds, and the vast flora that call these waters their home. If you want to stay and play along the Space Coast for a few days, The Casa Coquina Del Mar is a hidden gem. If you are looking for a little more action, Orlando is just an hour away.

You can make the next destination an extension of this vacation or use it as another reason to come back to the Sunshine State. Either way, Little Torch Key is one of by far one of the most breathtaking places you will ever visit. It is quite a drive from Central Florida, but you will not regret making the road trip.

For those who are more about the destination than the journey, take a short flight from Orlando to Miami. From there, rent a car and drive the beautiful panoramic Overseas Highway. Just past the twenty-eight-mile marker of the Overseas Highway, or U.S. Route 1, lies a dream-worthy escape rivaling
any exotic island locale. The Florida Keys are aptly called America’s Caribbean for a reason, but the real gem of the Conch Republic is a secluded slice of heaven only accessible by private yacht or seaplane. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is America’s only exclusive island resort.

A place where the lines between crystal blue waters seamlessly blur onto your private deck and outdoor soaking tub. Stay under thatched roofs amid swaying palms and ocean breezes that leave you wondering if you are in French Polynesia rather than Florida. Try, however, to pull yourself away from the resort’s Balinese-style beauty, because there is an alluring archipelago just waiting to be discovered. And do try not to miss Dry Tortugas, one of America’s most remote national parks, a bucket-list destination in and of itself.

As much as I am highlighting low-key destinations, a visit to Key West is An undeniable rite of passage. Dare I say, Key West is much more than The sand in your toes, drink in your hand island, five o’clock somewhere adage. Don’t believe me? Visit Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden, the only frost-free, subtropical, natural conservation habitat, native  Plant botanical garden in the continental United States. 

Within the Gardens lies a lesser-known secret – an ode to Cuban’s long-standing relationship with the Florida Keys – The Chug Exhibit. A collection of preserved migrant boats used by Cubans during the crossings, The Chug exhibit is the only known collection of this size anywhere. It is humbling to think of the vast waters crossed in these humble vessels. Waters that hold a world of opportunity. Take for instance The Florida Reef – the only living coral barrier reef in the United States. And, for anglers that means stumbling upon one of the most unique fishing environments in the world. Edible catches are possible at any time of the year. To balance recreation and preservation, so many anglers catch and release. Regardless of your preference, with the depths of the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other, the options are endless. Not just in the Florida Keys or for fishing but for vibrant culture, deep roots into our country, and a diverse natural wonderland.

That is what makes Florida anything but a cliche tourist destination. Hidden among towering Live Oaks or tucked along a remote stretch of beach, you will find your own magic. You just need to look a little closer at what is right there.

By Vicky Richter

A completely different portrait of a modern-day Madame Butterfly

Who has not met her at one of the big freedom and truth events and not been
drawn to her beaming smile? Tomoko Jones is an icon at events like the Reawakening
Tour or CPAC events. Who is this Japanese beauty that reminds every onlooker of Madame Butterfly from Giacomo Puccini’s opera? GEORGE had the chance to get to know Tomoko better and further enchanted by her in an interview.

GEORGE: What was it like growing up in Japan?

Tomoko Jones (TJ): I had a happy childhood. Life in Japan was easy. My father was a cruise ship captain, often gone for weeks at a time. The family was healthy, we lived comfortably. My childhood was mostly in the Tokyo area. It was easy to get around with the extensive train system. With little crime even young children would travel alone by train. There were great restaurants, and much to see and do. I often traveled with friends to the mountains for snowboarding on weekends.

I was popular in school; had friends I am still in touch with today. Higher education, while competitive, was very affordable. I studied English in college and eventually went on to a modeling career. I became a GT Race Queen, enjoying a brief period of celebrity before getting married and moving to America. It was a fun experience. I met interesting people and developed skills in communication with a diverse fan base.

GEORGE: How did you come to immigrate to the USA?

TJI: I married an American man, so the immigration process was easy. We met at the Semikron Japan trade show where I worked as a promotional model. He worked for a semiconductor equipment company, where we worked together in his company’s trade show booth. For several years we would get together when he was in Japan visiting customers. He was handsome, kind and eventually I fell in love with him. We married the 4th of September, then 9/11 happened. The world had suddenly become crazy. My father worried about me moving to America, worried my English was not good enough. My mother worried I had not sufficient training to take care of my husband, and I worried that 9/11 would halt the immigration process but was able to get my green card one month later. I have lived in Austin, Texas ever since. My parents’ concerns, not an issue.

GEORGE: What differences do you see in the two countries and their cultures?

TJ: Japanese and Americans are quite different. The Japanese people are more humble, more apologetic, more courteous, and tend to avoid confrontation. American friends suggested I not say I am sorry so often. Japanese people work hard, are highly organized and meticulous. I am sometimes frustrated by service provided by American workers. A Japanese worker would never forget to include ketchup with your French fries.

Everything in Japan is a process and there are rules. This can be annoying at times. In trying to resign from a job found out I could not resign by simply giving notice. There was a process to go through and had to continue working. That seems so odd to me now, but that is the Japanese way.

I never really felt restrictions on freedom living in Japan, but over the years I have come to see that the Japanese people are not as free as they may think. Some of which may be tradition but wonder if such traditions had been intentionally designed over the centuries to control the populace. One summer while visiting, I enrolled my daughter in a Japanese kindergarten. Each day when I picked her up, the teacher would complain that my daughter refused to stand in a line and sing along with the other kids. I marveled at the ability of the teacher to get three-year old children to line up, stand at attention in cute little military style uniforms and sing together. Obedience and structured life of Japanese people is learned from an early age. You must follow the rules. A non-compliant three-year-old is not acceptable in Japan.

The Japanese love their country and will do whatever their government tells them to do, no matter how absurd. I have come to realize that the Japanese people learn from childhood to be compliant. When their government tells them to wear a mask, they do. When they are told to get vaccinated, they dutifully line up for the shot. Of course, all the same propaganda by mass media in Japan, we see here in America. Few Japanese question government mandates even when presented with facts that contradict the government narrative. I see this happening in America also, and it concerns me, but in Japan the population is under a spell. Citizens taught to care about society, not about the individual or individual freedoms that are so much more important to Americans. So, there is still hope for freedom in America.

GEORGE: How did you become so active in the freedom and truth movement in the U.S.?

TJ: It all started with covid. People were getting sick and dying. Did not take long for doctors to figure out how to treat covid. It was shocking to think these treatments were intentionally withheld by the government. Even more shocking that it was happening in concert all around the world. People were dying in hospitals and governments were allowing it to happen. Then came the masking, distancing, shutdowns, and for the first time felt I was no longer living in a free society. Our government was intentionally trying to kill us. Why were potentially lifesaving treatments not made available? Why was information about these treatments censored? Why were people allowed to die? Were hospitals killing people? Doing extensive research, I started to learn about the WEF, Bill Gates, Soros, and the Great Reset.

Then came the November 2020 elections, and the purpose of the pandemic became clear. Our country was under attack. On Jan 6, my daughter and I went to DC. It was reassuring to see so many people ready to rise. The country was not going down without a fight.

When the vaccines came, we learned quickly they were dangerous and did not work. Yet our government continuously lied about the safety and efficacy; there was no longer any doubt the country, the world we know and love was in trouble.

Even with all this happening, it seemed clear to me, so many people are complying. You could not talk to them without being labeled a conspiracy theorist. I felt a need to get involved, to be around people that knew more than I did about what was happening. I started attending events and networking with people. I have learned so much about what is really going on. Now my plan now is to share the truth with the Japanese people.

GEORGE: Who were the most exciting people you met on your travels to major events of the freedom and truth movement?

TJ: All the people I have met have been exciting to meet. People at these events are full of energy, it is inspiring to me. Many have given me new hope, encouraged me and I have learned so much from so many. I love talking to people in person, it helps me understand what they are really saying and know they are truthful. The patriots I have met are amazing people, I enjoy spending time with them, and love their fighting spirit

GEORGE: Why are the MAGA and America First movement so important to you?

TJ: I do not want to give up our freedom. I love Trump’s “America first!” policies. We need to give power back to the people. Current government is not working for the people anymore. I support candidates who will work for the people. I did not care about politics maybe a year ago. But now care very deeply. I attended fundraisers in Mar a Lago and Bedminster. I met political candidates and wonderful supporters. So many are new to politics as well. I believe these people will clean up corruption in our government, fix our election system, flush out the communists that have infiltrated our government agencies, schools, corporations, and undo horrible policies of the Biden administration that are destroying the country. Our November elections are so important.

GEORGE: What obstacles have you encountered in the freedom and truth movement and life in general in the United States?

TJ: One of the wonderful things about America is there are no obstacles. At least I have not encountered any, until covid of course. As for the movement, the main obstacle is access to information. It is not that information is hard to find, but intentionally hidden from casual observers. Mainstream media feeds people limited information, only information the government wants you to know. If we consume only mainstream information, we will not know vaccines are bioweapons, we will not know our elections are fraudulent, we would not know the extent of our economic collapse and think everything will be simply fine. My husband’s business partner only listened to NPR radio in the morning, NPR cable news in the evening. My husband warned him of the dangers of the vaccines, he would not listen. NPR said they were safe, and everyone needed to get vaccinated. When the vaccines came out he was first in line. Last November the booster shot killed him.

GEORGE: What about the freedom and truth movement in Japan? Are there similar movements there?

TJ: I am unsure, my focus has been here. I will be getting more involved in Japan in the months ahead. Japan has been in a perpetual state of mass formation for a long time, so it may be hopeless, but I need to try. So many Japanese people love Trump. Japan has always been somewhat of a closed society, and many disliked Abe’s globalist views. I suppose their love for Trump stems from his America first policies and their longing for leaders in Japan to express the same for their country.

GEORGE: What would you like to see Americans do in terms of current economic and geopolitical situation?

TJ: I wish more people would pay attention to what is happening. There is so much going on and most people seem unaware or not care. Sure, they feel the pain of higher gas and food prices, but do not see or refuse to see the cause. We need to keep pushing, and I know so many patriots will stand strong and not give up.

We need a big win in November and in January the people need to stand with newly elected champions, dismantle the corrupt administrative state and prosecute those responsible for this nightmare.

By Dr. Kirk Elliot PHD.

In George Orwell’s book, 1984 he stated, “Big brother is watching you.” He described a world where there were no secrets, where big government knew everything about you, probably more than you knew about yourself. This was written in 1949. Now, 73 years later the future that struck fear into the hearts and minds of readers is now. Privacy has become a relic of the past, and reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.

As humans our normalcy bias is the greatest danger to ourselves. By that I mean what? What you thought was safe and reasonable in the past is not necessarily the same in the present and the future because as the world changes, as the economy changes, as politics change, we need to change in accordance with that not just to survive, but to thrive.

We sit on the precipice of a currency change like nothing that has ever been experienced in human existence. Executive Order 14067 signed into law on March 9, 2022 moved the United States at a blazing speed into the world Orwell envision back in 1949 where under this executive order, if one plays out the potential outcomes of the inter-agency and multinational cooperation spelled out in the order, a central bank digital currency (“CBDC”) allows for:

According to a speech by Dr. Pippa Malmgren at the World Government Forum in Abu Dhabi earlier this year, CBDCs provide for complete clarity of transactions and will be implemented in accordance with “programmable money.” The ramifications of this are the government will be able to turn off your bank account at the touch of a button, track and record every purchase you make, and ultimately protect against money laundering and trafficking which all of us would view as a desirable outcome, but the undesirable outcome is that for political, social, or economic misalignment, your ability to buy or sell could be shut off.

About 90% of central banks globally are considering such a move to CBDCs in which there is clarity of transactions. This is not about financial freedom, but rather about the loss of freedom and complete control of our political, economic, religious, personal and health freedoms. Ardous Huxley in Brave New World stated, “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

We are all about to become slaves in this brave new world, but there are solutions to investing privately in this new paradigm where you don’t have to settle for surviving. You can thrive. Physical Gold and Silver offer a get out of the system investment option. Dr. Kirk Elliott is founder of Kirk Elliott PhD Private Advisors, protecting people’s wealth for over 27 years. Call 720.605.3900 for a free consultation.

By Linda Devereaux

It’s no secret that nature as well as culture have defined femininity since the beginning of time. Nature has had the upper hand, of course, as most woman’s physical feminine attributes cannot be denied. However, the psychological characteristics of femininity along with the physical characteristics are currently being reshaped by today’s culture. But is today’s society offering an accurate depiction of who women really are? How do they really feel? How do they want to be portrayed? Or is this a movement designed to have us accept a norm that prohibits the natural qualities of femininity.

Looking back to antiquity, Cleopatra is a genuine example of femininity: “from every ancient source, we have a testimony to Cleopatra’s irresistible charm,” says essayist, Stacy Schiff. Cleopatra’s feminine allure is a historical fact. Only, it’s just as important to note that Cleopatra is the definition of a true feminist as well. As Greek philosopher, Plutarch puts it, ‘her ability to speak many languages including the language of flattery and, essentially, to be able to turn people to her will is great political genius, in that respect.’”

No doubt about it, the woman was a stunner, but her femaleness was also defined by her strong presence, her witty character, her powerful tone, and her persuasive speech; and because she possessed innate beauty, she wasn’t afraid to use her feminine wiles to assist her in achieving her goal: to be the sole leader of Egypt. Nice job, Cleo!

Over the course of the last 60+ years, the unraveling of what defines femininity has been eye opening for sure. In less than a lifetime we’ve witnessed the category evolve from classy, soft, and sexy to powerful, strong and, interestingly, gender-neutral, losing the twist of gentleness and enticement that has always encompassed how we categorize the classic feminine woman.

For example, you can track feminine traits and the psychological differences in old black and white TV shows of the late 1950’s early 1960’s. One of my all-time favorites is Perry Mason. I love Perry’s debonaire private detective, Paul Drake’s style. Whenever Paul enters Mason’s law office and finds Perry diligently collaborating with his assistant, the classy Miss Della Street, Drake addresses Della with his signature flirty declaration “Hello beautiful.” Whoa! Wait a minute! What? Try that in today’s office environment… off to HR with you!

But Della is the epitome of femininity for the time. Always in a smart suit and high heels, she accepts having doors opened, chairs pulled out, and recognizes comments like Paul’s as flattery. She’s an attractive, smart woman, a 1950’s classic lady who oozes style and grace and knows her role as Perry and Paul’s associate in the law practice is a critical one. And they know it too! Della’s intelligence and femininity merge to create an attractive persona that both men and women of that era found respectable and irresistible. Paul Drake was a man’s man. Della, a lady’s lady.

Fast forward to the 1970’s. My how things change! Feminism and femininity exist side by side! While woman fight for their rights, they become even more confident in their femininity. And it was never more apparent than in the fashion trends of the day.

Feminine style takes a giant leap and now includes wearing pants in the workplace, liberating women from the strangle of pantyhose! Casualwear is hip-hugger blue jeans and belly baring halter tops. And let’s not forget 70’s nightlife fashion; a slinky Danskin dress worn with platform shoes making women visions of loveliness on the disco dance floor.

During this radical period, women embrace their new fashion identity; the fresh persona created, exposing them in an entirely new way…particularly when the feminist movement urges them to burn their bras!

All kidding aside, femininity over time has not only been about style and fashion, but it’s style and fashion that alludes to women feeling like women. Thank you, Shania Twain, for expressing that so well in 1997!

The feminine ideal is quickly evolving and approaching a new and different phase. Bye-bye Victoria Secret Angels, hello gender equity. But is it important to redefine femininity… moving from what men really want to what woman really want? By all indications, the answer is a resounding…maybe. Culture may be changing, but some things cannot change

Stereotypical femininity has its flaws, but the natural characteristics of a woman’s identity won’t be altered no matter what society tells her. The fact is a woman’s inherent feminine characteristics haven’t shifted at all. Women are confident, mentally strong, and creative. Every one of us is a Cleopatra, a Della Street, and continues to have the mindset of the unconventional woman of the 1970’s. Women are intrinsically nurturers, sensitive, and tender, with an enthusiastic sexuality put forth in a soft, cool voice; a feminine voice that says I am beautiful in all my ways, and I am strong in heart. So, to answer the question: Can femininity be regained? The truth is…it can never be lost.

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