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The vast majority of U.S. voters want to avoid a rail strike that would rattle the nation’s economy, according to a poll commissioned by the Association of American Railroads.  The survey, conducted by Forbes Tate Partners, found that 92 percent of voters believe it’s “important” for the U.S. to avert a strike,... Read more
Senate Democrats are gearing up for what’s expected to be a challenging reelection environment in 2024 even as they await the results of a Senate runoff in Georgia between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel Walker next month. About two dozen Democrats or those who caucus with the party... Read more
More than 70 incoming lawmakers will be sworn into the House this January after winning their races earlier this month. Republicans are poised to control the House next year, with 220 seats having been called in their favor compared to Democrats’ 213. Two races remain uncalled.  Next year’s crop of... Read more
He is not my cup of tea. In fact, he scares me. But it is time for me to hand out my year-end award for the top political player in the United States. These days, there needs to be one prize for Republicans and a separate trophy for Democrats due... Read more
This year’s White House holiday decor is taking a cue from the Constitution, decking the halls with the theme, “We the People.”  Jill Biden unveiled the theme for the annual decorating tradition on Monday, saying in a statement that her hope for the White House’s seasonal makeover was to “capture... Read more
The Senate is on track to pass a bill protecting same-sex marriage on the federal level this week, notching a significant bipartisan victory in the lame-duck session following months of negotiations on Capitol Hill. Senators are scheduled to invoke cloture on the Respect for Marriage Act on Monday, which would... Read more
Iranian state media is calling for the U.S. to be banned from competing in the 2022 World Cup over a now-deleted social media post in which the U.S. national soccer team altered an image of the Iranian flag. In a now-deleted tweet, the U.S. Men’s national soccer team (USMNT) posted... Read more
The BBC said Sunday that one of its reporters was arrested and beaten by Chinese authorities while covering protests in Shanghai over COVID-19 restrictions. China is seeing rare outpourings of public frustration in recent days in response to strict COVID lockdowns meant to curb the spread of the virus. In... Read more
Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Sunday called Elon Musk a “purveyor of hate and division” after the new Twitter owner called him “both puppet & puppeteer” in an apparent spamming campaign critical of Musk. Musk called out Vindman after a Twitter user noted he had shared the same message... Read more
A Pro-Israel group that recently honored former President Trump said it “deplored” his recent meeting with rapper Ye and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.  The right-wing Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) quoted Trump’s 2019 state-of-the-union address, in which he said: “We must never ignore the vile poison of anti-Semitism, or those... Read more
Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen Consort to King Charles III, is breaking the longstanding royal tradition of having “ladies-in-waiting” and will instead appoint assistants under the modernized title “Queen’s Companions,” multiple outlets are reporting. The BBC reports that Camilla is also scaling back the duties of her six assistants, making the... Read more
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