Who will emerge as the leading Republican NEVER TRUMPER for the 2024 election? Gene Ho debates it with Dave Blaze. Gene’s pick will surprise you!!!

Who will be the most Prominent Democrat now that Nancy Pelosi won’t be Speaker of the House? Find out as Gene Ho debates with Rachel Writeside Blonde!

What in the world is going on with our economy, and what’s up with this FTX crash??? Gene Ho talks to Dr. Kirk Elliott to sort ALL of this out!

Gene Ho tells the FUTURE! Gene Ho walks you through his predictions for what will happen in the next two years! Hint: The GEORGE Team already called the Trump Announcement within the same month of their First Issue…

Republicans Take the House. What about the Freedom Caucus? Special Guest: Dave Blaze

Filmmaker Trey Smith is LIVE in the Studio with Gene Ho. You don’t want to miss this one!


What will be Trump’s BIG announcement tonight? Gene and Writeside Blonde discuss this on tonight’s episode of About GEORGE with Gene Ho!

What’s up with Trump’s Announcement tomorrow? Gene Ho interviews Trump Top Pastor Mark Burns.

Gene Ho talks about the TRUMP Factor in the Midterm. Is Trump still in charge? You Bet! Hear what About George with Gene Ho has to say!

Facebook Lays off 11,000 employees! What is the Future of Social Media? Gene Ho chats it up with Dave Blaze of The Blaze Team

Day after the Election! We made some History!! With the Fly Over Conservatives!!

Special Guest: Rachel Writeside Blonde

Midterm Elections Tomorrow!!! What influence will TRUMP have? Gene Ho talks with Jan Morgan – former Citizens for Trump Spokesperson on what’s tomorrow’s election will look like!

What’s really going on in Florida after Ian? GEORGE reporter Vicky Rickter tells the TRUTH about the clean up efforts.

Special Guest: Dave Blaze. Gene Ho talks about the left’s strategy for the upcoming midterms. What will they do? What is their plan?

Here it comes! The Impending real estate crash. Get ready

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