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With the banking system seemingly stabilized, President Joe Biden is hoping he can return to pitching his economic credentials to the public. But his "Investing in America" tour, an apparent precursor to a 2024 reelection campaign and a political counterpoint to former President Donald Trump's legal problems, comes amid... Read more
Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to Africa on Saturday with stops scheduled in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia during her week-long tour of the continent. This trip comes as reports have been swirling about President Joe Biden's unhappiness with her performance. Harris is traveling with her husband, Doug Emhoff,... Read more
The death of a former Obama official on a private jet earlier this month could not have been due to turbulence caused by the weather, the National Transportation Safety Board announced. Dana Hyde, 55, was flying home from a trip visiting schools with her husband and son. They were... Read more
A missing painting of former President Donald Trump was found outside an electrical room in a Trump Hotel in Miami. The painting was one of 100 gifts from foreign governments that went missing at the end of Trump's presidency, according to a report from Democrats on the House Committee... Read more
President Joe Biden raised eyebrows during his remarks to the Canadian Parliament when he misspoke and thanked China for cooperating with the U.S. regarding record levels of Western Hemisphere migration. "So today, I applaud China for stepping up," Biden said Friday before correcting himself. "Excuse me. I applaud Canada.... Read more
President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are holding a joint press conference in Ottawa, Canada. US AND CANADA STRIKE DEAL TO DETER NORTHERN BORDER CROSSINGS AFTER SURGE Biden and Trudeau announced earlier that they had reached a deal to deter illegal immigrants from crossing into the... Read more
The Washington Examiner's Kaylee McGhee White said Friday she does not blame President Joe Biden for being frustrated with Vice President Kamala Harris. "I don't blame Biden for being frustrated with his vice president," White told the crew of Outnumbered. "The guy probably just wants to take a nap,... Read more
The White House is homing in on healthcare as a potential winner for President Joe Biden and Democrats amid the debt ceiling standoff and before next year's elections. No longer a political albatross, Biden this week celebrated the 13th anniversary of Obamacare after last week promoting his administration's efforts... Read more
The White House is invoking Adam Smith against congressional Republicans ahead of a showdown over the debt ceiling. “Goodbye invisible hand — and hello angry MAGA fist?” That was the opening line of a statement by White House spokeswoman Robyn Patterson appended to President Joe Biden’s veto message after... Read more
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg made an appearance on Capitol Hill on Thursday as he seeks to revitalize his image following the Ohio train derailment. Buttigieg testified before a Senate committee on his department's budget. And as he's done since the derailment controversy went national, he pointed to regulations as... Read more
President Joe Biden is frustrated with Vice President Kamala Harris's performance as his second in command, believing she has failed to "rise to the occasion" and take issues off his plate, according to a report published Thursday. Former Biden White House employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity,... Read more
White House chief of staff Jeff Zients is not being received well by Democrats, with many progressives blaming him for undercutting their agenda. Zients became White House chief of staff following the departure of his predecessor, Ron Klain, on Feb. 1. His tenure has been marked by a distinct... Read more

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